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The Ultimate Guide: For Purchasing and Procurement Personnel

Yes, we have created something with you in mind and only you.

“You need to understand what you are buying, why and how it will affect your business. What are the potential risks? That detailed understanding may be beyond the scope of a procurement department.” – Owen Williams 

It can be a difficult job at the best of times! Managing stock levels, ordering, maintaining your budget, price checking, tracking “where the heck” your order is up too, ensuring it’s received correctly and all items accounted for. And then you repeat the cycle!

Working with procurement personnel on a daily basis has given us some authority to create this ebook.

If you are new to your role, we hope that this collection of our greatest tips and advice will help you and provide some “ah-ha” moments.

For those that are more experienced, we are sure you will agree with the points that are included? This might also be helpful in reminding you of how your current supplier should be performing.

The Ultimate Guide and what it contains

Inside the guide, you will find three sections covering topics related to purchasing and procurement.

  • Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Packaging Supplies
  • Best Practices For Purchasing Packaging Supplies
  • What To Expect From Your Packaging Supplier

Each section lists a topic that is highly relevant and aims to help you improve your skills in general!

(And even more specifically, in the packaging supplies industry)

Improving relationships and increasing efficiencies

Regardless of who your current supplier is, the relationship you have with them is vitally important to the ongoing success of your business.

Having a solid relationship with a supplier who cares about your business success is the foundation of improving efficiencies in your business.

Your supplier should have your best interests at heart and be proactive in the service and products they supply.

This also means that they have your back!

When certain stock is running low, they should be making a routine call to prompt you to reorder.

If a more suitable product comes available they should be the first to let you know.

If you have an unexpected need, they should be willing and able to search for a product to meet that need.

Your biggest issues with the packaging industry

Of course, we only know so much and don’t know your exact story or situation. That’s why we are also very interested in your opinion and feedback?

Does this ebook contain relevant information to you? Do you agree with it? Are there things we have missed.

We take our continuous improvement seriously and your feedback will help us shape our decisions moving forward.

In what ways can the packaging supplies industry improve?

What are your thoughts on this topic and the industry as a whole?

We would value your input on this.

For the ultimate guide for purchasing and procurement personnel, download a copy of The Ultimate Guide eBook today.

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