Tenso TS 464 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool


The TS-464 is a world-class battery powered strapping tool.

With flexible settings, wide tension range, and the ability to accommodate both PP and PET strapping, the TS-464 is ideal for a wide range of applications across all industry sectors.

The TS-464 delivers maximum productivity and superior performance to satisfy all packaging and strapping applications.

All tensioning and sealing operations are controlled by electronic push buttons.

The TS-464 also features a brushless, wear-free, motor system. Powered by the highest quality Bosch Li-ion battery, the TS-464 provides over 400 cycles per battery charge.

Pricing upon application.

Call our Sales Hotline on 1800 003 310 for more information.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 355mm x 135mm x 165mm

Strap Type PP/PET

Strap Width 15-16mm, 19mm

Strap Thickness 0.60mm - 1.30mm

Max. Tension 400kg

Join Type Friction Weld Seal

Weight 4.3kg (inc. Battery)

Battery Bosch 18v - 4.0Ah Li-Ion

Battery Charge Time 30 minutes

Battery Usage Cycle Over 400 uses on a single charge

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