Tenso LST 404 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool


The innovative Tenso LST 404 Battery Powered Strapping Tool is faster and easier to use, providing the operator with higher efficiency and productivity.

Introduced onto the market in 2016, the Tenso LST Battery Powered Strapping Tools have quickly become the market leader with the highest quality production and manufacturing technique ensuring tool longevity, and less down time with minimal repairs and servicing for every user.

The Tenso LST 404 features a friction welding system offering automatic, semi-automatic, manual and soft options through the enhanced tension system.

The perfectly balanced Tenso LST 404 is comfortable and simple to operate in both horizontal and vertical applications, primarily due to the ergonomic and light weight design.

All tensioning and sealing operations are controlled by electronic push buttons. Also featuring a brushless, wear-free, motor system powered by the highest quality Bosch Li-ion battery, providing up to 600 cycles per battery charge.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 375mm x 145mm x 145mm

Package Type Flat Surface (min. length 120mm)

Strap Type PP/PET

Strap Width 16mm - 19mm

Strap Thickness 0.70mm - 1.05mm

Max. Tension 4040n/400kgf

Join Type Friction Weld Seal

Weight 3.6kg (inc. Battery)

Battery Bosch 18v - 4.0Ah Li-Ion

Battery Charge Time 30 minutes

Battery Usage Cycle Up to 600 uses on a single charge

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