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  • Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool
  • Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool
  • Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool
  • Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool
  • Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool
  • Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool
ModelTenso LST 270
Dimensions (LxWxH): 340mm x 110mm x 160mm
Package Type: Flat Surface (min. length 120mm)
Strap Width: 9.0mm - 16mm
Strap Thickness: 0.50mm - 1.1mm
Max. Tension: 2750n/280kgf
Join Type: Friction Weld Seal
Weight: 3.7kg (inc. Battery)
Battery Charge Time: 30 minutes
Battery Usage Cycle: Up to 400 uses on a single charge

Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool

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Explore the cutting-edge efficiency of the Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool from Gateway, a premium solution designed for daily packaging needs. Crafted with durable materials for multi-shift operations, this lightweight industrial professional device ensures optimal ergonomics and effortless one-handed operation. Versatile and reliable, it effortlessly handles PP and PET strapping with widths up to 16mm. As your ultimate all-rounder in premium strapping devices, we're ready to guide you through its diverse applications. Contact us for expert advice.

Main Features:

  • Variable strap widths: 9-16mm with one device
  • Maximum efficiency: clamping speed up to 12m/min
  • Easily opened by a suspended drive wheel under maximum tension
  • Optimal ergonomics: energy-saving, balanced one-hand operation
  • Lightest industrial professional device on the market
  • Automatic welding system with enhanced tension options
  • Controlled operations: electronic push buttons
  • Brushless 'wear-free' motor for up to 400 cycles per charge.

Enhance your packaging process with the advanced Tenso LST 270. It's a top-notch tool known for its reliability and cutting-edge technology in the industrial sector.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Tenso LST 270 - Battery Powered Strapping Tool can help your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sets the Tenso LST 270 apart from any other tool?
    • High Productivity
    • Fast Operation Anywhere
    • All In One
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Highest Quality Materials
  • How does this tool save time?
    • Auto and manual modes
    • Fast charge Li-Ion Battery
    • Eliminates the need for numerous tools and accessories
  • What environmental benefits does it offer?

    Welding process eliminates the need for buckles, reducing landfill.

  • Where is it manufactured?

    Manufactured in Italy with the latest technology

  • How fast is the rechargeable Li-Ion Battery?

    30 minutes to charge fully, providing up to 400 usage cycles

  • What are the general steps and safety tips on how to operate a battery powered tool?
    1. Prepare the Tool:
      • Ensure the battery is charged.
      • Check that the strapping material is loaded correctly.
    2. Power On:
      • Press the power button to turn on the tool.
    3. Adjust Tension:
      • Set the desired tension using the tension adjustment controls.
    4. Position the Tool:
      • Place the tool over the package you intend to strap.
    5. Initiate Tensioning:
      • Press the tension button to apply tension to the strapping.
    6. Welding Process:
      • If the tool has automatic welding, it will initiate the welding process after reaching the set tension.
    7. Complete Strapping:
      • Once the welding is complete, release the tension, and remove the tool from the strapped package.
    8. Power Off:
      • Turn off the tool when not in use to conserve battery life.
    9. Troubleshooting:
      • Refer to the user manual for troubleshooting guidance if you encounter any issues.

    Safety Tips:

    • Always wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves and safety glasses.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the type and size of strapping material.
    • Keep hands clear of the strapping area during operation.
    • If the tool malfunctions, stop use immediately and address the issue.

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