Tenso GreenWave PET Strapping - 16mm x 0.7mm


Size:16mm x 0.7mm 'GreenWave'

Strap Width:15.3 ± 0.3mm

Strap Thickness:0.68 ± 0.03mm





Average Break Strength:450kg


Tenso GreenWave™ PET Strapping 16mm is a revolutionary new polyester strapping product that is manufactured using an innovative production technique which allows a reduction in the grammage (g/mt) of the strap with almost no loss of tensile strength. It is suitable for use in all the same applications as standard polyester strapping.

Innovative production technique allows a reduction in the grammage (g/mt) with almost no loss of tensile strength.

The reduction of grams per metre of the strapping result in a lower volume product thereby contributing to the protection of the environment through waste minimisation.

Quality characteristics of GreenWave PET Strapping include:

• Strap end is secured in a bag inside the roll core

• Strapping roll is foiled to prevent unintentional uncoiling

• Revolutionary embossing to strap to enhance joint strength

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