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The New Tenso TS-464 Battery Strapping Tool

Tenso TS-464
Battery Strapping Tool

The Tenoso TS-464 is a battery operated poly-strapping tool that is suitable for heavy applications across industry.

This tool is perfect for applications such as box and pallet strapping and has industrial and commercial applications in freight and shipping, truss and frame, timber yards, scaffolding, heavy engineering and more.

The High Tension model of the Tenso TS-464 is a beast. It can deliver up to 400kg of force and complete a friction weld in 4 seconds flat.

We sat down with our sales director, Craig Phillips, who demoed the new Tenso TS-464 Strapping Tool for our new podcast…

Getting Started with The Tenso TS-464

The tension button and the weld button are used to operate the tool.

Apply tension with the button on the handle and complete the friction weld with the button next to it.

To adjust tension and weld time, use the digital touch panel. As a general rule of thumb, if the display is flashing, you are changing settings. If the display isn’t flashing, the tool is set on that setting.

The response from operations manager and warehouse staff has been unanimous; the improvement in efficiency and productivity far outweigh the cost of the Tenso TS-464.

The Tenso TS-464 Specifications

  • German made brushless DC motor
  • 4 modes (auto, manual, semi-auto, soft)
  • 415 (PP) and 320 (PET) strapping cycles per charge (High Tension)
  • Variable Tension from 40kg to 400kg

Gateway Packaging’s End to End Service

Gateway Packaging offers onsite tool repairs and a replacement tool if you run into any difficulties on the job.

As Craig explains in the podcast – “If a client’s tool needs to be repaired urgently, we come onsite and assess a tool. It will be repaired on site or we will take it away if required. In that case, we put in a loan tool as a replacement”

Gateway Packaging aims to provide an end to end service.

A tool like the TS-464 is an investment and investments need to be protected. The TS-464 was built to last, fitted with a German made brushless DC motor and Bosch battery. On the off chance something does go wrong, Gateway Packaging is there to make sure it doesn’t cost you.

NEW TS-464 Strapping Tool

What Applications are The Tenso TS-464 Used For?

Across all industry, any application that involves strapping can benefit from the Tenso TS-464’s superior tension strapping capabilities.

It is like Craig Phillips, Gateway Packaging’s Sales Director said

“There are quite a number of industries that could benefit from this tool. We are having a lot of success for it in the construction industry and in the construction area. A lot of truss and frame style companies are coming on board, your timber mills, wholesale timber yards; oh and we are getting a bit of traction even in the scaffolding and formwork industry.”

The Tenso TS-464 has applications down to general industry. “Like heavy engineering, heavy steel, and roll forming.”

The Tenso TS-464 Really is a Versatile Tool

Request A Demo Today

Do you have an application for the Tenso 464? Why not give the tool a try and see just how much faster it is for yourself.

“Gateway Packaging can put you on a demo or a trial for a period of one week. We set you up with a tool. Train you in how to use it. Put in a dispenser and a roll of strapping, and just really give you a feel for what the tool is. If there is someone out there already using battery tools, and they want to try our new model that is also something that we can do. leave the tool there for a week, touch feel, and see how it goes. “

New To All This? Researching or Considering PET Strapping? Let’s Quickly Define Strapping.

Strapping comes in a variety of different types.

Steel, poly woven, composite, and PET (plastic) strapping are the main types.

PET, is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. It’s used in everything from common household goods to industrial appliances. PET is also the most common form of strapping.

There is a common misconception that steel is stronger than PET. It isn’t.

PET strapping, when used with the Tenso TS-464, has a tension range between 60 – 400kg. Even at these incredible tensions, PET is less likely to snap than steel. If PET does snap, there is minimal risk of cuts or other injuries caused by steel strapping.

Key reasons why PET strapping is replacing steel strapping.

  • Steel strapping causes injuries.
  • Steel cost more money
  • The material isn’t as flexible
  • Harder to wrap around smaller items
  • Negative customer experience
  • Restrictive to industrial users

What Advantages Does a Battery Powered Strapping Tool Offer

“The benefit of a tool like the TS 464 is that they are a lot quicker. PET strapping is also tensioned by hand and crimp sealed. This process is time-consuming, and you need two tools. Whereas, this tool will replace both of those tools. It will tension, weld and cut the strap, all in one, and it is a lot quicker. The job is done in seconds rather than minutes.”

“The TS 464 uses friction weld technology to secure the strapping. The weld isn’t just faster, it gives you a better weld than a generic crimp seal. “

“The quality of a seal depends on the crimp and the operator. If the crimper is a bit worn out, you won’t get a 100% seal every time. Whereas the TS-464, when set to the same tension level, will do the same seal every time. ” – Craig Phillips.

The TS-464 is faster and can also reduce labour costs. To handle high volumes, employers often take on another pair of hands. If you are in industry, you know that strapping is faster if someone crimps while you tension the strap. With the TS-464, it might seem counterintuitive, but it is faster for one person to do the work of two.

With a battery strapping tool, there is no repetitive strenuous task to complete, The motor applies direct drive precision force to the strapping, meaning less worker fatigue and body load.

An automatic tension strapper will consistently do a better job than traditional tools. The operator can select the required tension. You are guaranteed the same quality seal every time. This simple button operation eliminates scratches on boxes and against fragile or markable surfaces.

Why Gateway Packaging Recommends The High Tension Model of The TS-464

Your application decides whether you invest in a battery powered strapping tool.

If you require something versatile or handle large volumes, it makes sense to go with a tool that portable and is more efficient.

If you care about efficiency and you are wasting time in your strapping process, it is time to upgrade.

The TS-464 offers the power required for any application while also being suitable for different strap sizes handling both 16mm and 19mm strap.

You can click the image below to download the Tenso TS-464 Battery Tool Brochure today.

The response from operations managers, warehouse staff and industry has been unanimous; the TS-464 has made them more efficiency, increased productivity and improved the quality of their work by orders of magnitude. What once took weeks can now be managed in days.

Not sure which tool is best for your application?

Get in touch with the team at Gateway Packaging to discuss all your strapping needs.

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…or click the image below to download the Tenso TS-464 Battery Tool Brochure today.

NEW TS-464 Strapping Tool