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  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 1
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 2
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 3
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 4
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 5
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 1
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 2
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 3
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 4
  • Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 5

The main advantages of this fully automatic pallet wrap machine are:

  • Automatic pallet wrapping machine can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and improve efficiency. The products packed with the packaging machine can improve the packaging effect of the products, and the products packed with the packaging machine can make the products beautiful and standardized.
  • The use of automatic pallet wrapping machine can reduce labor intensity, because the wrap-around packaging machine is mainly used for large commodity packaging, manual packaging can not be wrapped, only wrapped around the packaging machine to solve this problem problem. This is conducive to the labor protection of workers. For some products that seriously affect health, such as dust, toxic products or irritating products, the winding machine can be operated directly without manual operation;
  • It can reduce packaging costs, saving storage costs; wire-wrap packaging machine itself is simple to operate, easy to use; wire-wrap packaging machine is equipped with an emergency stop button, in the event of machine failure can ensure safety;
  • Neatly packaged, the machine is the implementation of the strict parameters of the program design, greatly ensure the neatness of the product, to avoid the shortcomings of manual omission or excellent packaging. The goods packed by the winder are easy to transport, can prevent damage to the goods in the process of handling, play a role of dust, moisture, clean.
  • Automatic pallet wrapping machine has the advantages of high productivity, high reliability and good quality of packaged products
Paxum Wrap Machine

Automatic Cutting Film

Once the pallet wrapping process is complete, our pallet stretch wrapper will automatically cut the film, eliminating the need for manual cutting by workers. This feature is highly beneficial for users.


Multi-layer Function

This function allows you to customize the number of wrapping revolutions and the wrapping tension at any desired height. The Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine can achieve a maximum of 9 layers for pallet wrapping. Unlike typical machines where the wrapping force remains consistent from bottom to top without the ability to pause for reinforcement, this function effectively eliminates these issues.

White Paxum X1 Films

Saving Film Consumption

Maximum up to 380% pre-stretch rate

Minimum the value of each meter of stretch film

Standard constant releasing film

Fixed-pointed wrapping quantitative use film

White Paxum X1 Controls

Advanced Safety Technology

1. Safety device under film carriage to protect the foot or head of the operator

2. Transparent board makes it easy to find problem without opening door

3. Up and down belt deviation and damaged alarm system. Alarming in time to avoid carriage dropping down.

X1 Inverter

Better Components

SIEMENS Inverter

SICK proximity switch

AUTONICS photoelectric switch

WEIDMULLER terminal block

X-Line Inverter

OMRON 24DC supply

Paxum X1 Indicators

Intelligent Operation System

X1 with LED indicator on machine

Ready for work–Blue color

During working–Green color

Alarm–Red color

2. Touch screen guide the user how to operate machine.

If alarm appears, toch screen will show you how to solve problem.

model: Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine - X1
Production Rate: 15-25 loads/hour
Turntable Speed: 0-13RPM(Adjustable)
Turntable Diameter: 1650mm
Max. Load Weight: 2000kgs
Std. Wrapping Height: 2350mm
Pre-stretch Rate: Pre-stretch Rate
Voltage: 240V
Machine weight: 800kg
Machine size: L2763mm*W1650mm*H2747mm
Film Spec.: 500mm wide, 250mm diameter
PLC: Siemens
Technical Data: Operation Manual
Extra Options: Extra Options
Warranty: 1 Year

Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1

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Introducing the new Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine.

Through innovative design and cutting-edge technology, this machine is the perfect pallet wrapping solution for any warehouse or distribution centre.


  • LCD Touch Screen Operation System
  • Automatic Photoelectric Pallet Height Detection
  • Automatic Film Cutter
  • Intelligent Alarm System with LED Indicator
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption
  • 400% pre-stretch film rate.
  • High quality electrical components
  • LCD Touch Operating System
  • Soft start and soft stop.
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Paxum X1 is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for many applications.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Paxum Stretch Wrap Machine — X1 can help your business.

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