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  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms
  • Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms

Designed for warehouse and industrial use, the Paxum X0ms Stretch Wrap Machine is designed to increase the speed, safety and efficiency of the pallet wrapping process.

  • Paxum X0ms provides consistent and uniform wrapping, which can improve the overall quality of wrapping resulting in less damage in transit and improved customer satisfaction.
  • The Paxum X0ms can be programmed to wrap pallets in a variety of ways, including different wrapping patterns and tension levels. This flexibility can help your business to meet the specific needs of your customers and products.
  • Automating the pallet wrapping process can significantly reduce labour costs for a business. By eliminating the need for manual labour, businesses can save on labour costs, reallocating valuable workers to other parts of a site’s everyday processes.
  • Manual pallet wrapping can be physically demanding and can increase the risk of employee injuries. By implementing the Paxum X0ms into your site processes, you can also reduce the risk of workplace injuries, for a safer team environment.

Quick-start, hands-free pallet wrapping

Paxum X0ms’ ‘one-button start’ function saves time and allows users to step away and attend to other matters while wrapping is underway, increasing onsite productivity and efficiency.

The reduced need for manual operation, therefore, improves operator safety and reduces training time.

Centralised control and coordination

Paxum X0ms’ Printed Circuit Board control system serves as the centre point of the machine’s operations; controlling, coordinating and aligning each of the machine’s functions including:

  • user-set parameters and requirements
  • tension, wrapping speed and direction
  • timing and sequencing of different operations

Better wrapping quality with improved stability

The all-in-one design of Paxum X0ms’ aluminium mast is less likely to wobble or vibrate during use, providing greater stability resulting in better quality, faster, and more efficient wrapping.

Aluminium requires less maintenance and has a longer lifespan than many other metals, withstanding harsh conditions present at any work site, including extreme temperatures and excess moisture levels.

Inbuilt photoelectric sensors, for finely focused accuracy

Paxum X0ms’ photo-electric sensors accurately detect a pallet’s height, ensuring that the stretch film is uniformly applied to the entire pallet, eliminating the need for guesswork and manual adjustments, which can lead to errors and inconsistencies.

These also help to prevent workplace accidents by detecting any obstacles or obstructions on the pallet, such as loose or protruding items, ensuring that the wrapping process is carried out safely.

Automated tension control, for smooth consistency and wrapping results

Paxum X0ms’ mechanical tension control optimises stretching ensuring that film is securely wrapped around the pallet with a consistent tension, regardless of the shape and size of the load being wrapped.

This helps to reduce the risk of damage during transit or storage and minimises the quantity of film needed for every wrap, reducing waste and providing long-term savings to your business.

Enhance your operations with Paxum X0ms’ reliable memory functions

Paxum X0ms features an ability to store and recall six specific wrapping patterns and settings, with its inbuilt microprocessors and digital memory.

This function reduces manual errors, offering reliability and continuity, and allowing operators to easily recall specific configurations for different pallet shapes, sizes and loads to meet varying requirements.

Additional benefits include:

Low electricity consumption for added advantage

With lower electricity consumption, operations can continue for longer periods without overheating or causing power surges, helping to increase production capacity and reduce downtime resulting from equipment malfunctions. The low power consumption can also extend the lifespan of Paxum X0ms’ components, such as its motors and electrical circuits, reduce total energy costs and the business’ carbon footprint.

An auto-reset turntable for effortless start-up on every stretch wrap

With an auto reset function, Paxum X0ms’ turntable automatically resets to its original position after wrapping a pallet, without the need for manual intervention, increasing wrapping speed, accuracy, and consistency of the process.

Streamlined operator-free security

With its automatic cut and clamp function, Paxum X0ms quickly and accurately cuts and clamps the stretch film, saving time, reducing waste, and allowing the machine to wrap pallets faster and seamlessly move onto the next pallet wrap.

Safer and easier for operators to use, the automatic cut and clamp function ensures film is cut and clamped at the same point on each pallet, resulting in a consistent and therefore, more secure wrap.

Low-cost load stability with a 300% stretch ratio

The high stretch allows the plastic film to be optimally stretched tightly around the pallet, resulting in better load stability and damage prevention during transportation and storage.

A high-stretch ratio also reduces plastic waste as it uses less plastic per pallet wrapped, as well as lowering the total costs of stretch film which can result in significant savings over time.

Custom wrapped with fit for purpose protection

Settings can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of each pallet load. This is done by setting the machine to apply the appropriate amount of tension and wrapping layers to the load, based on its size, weight, and shape, offering flexibility and superior fit for purpose protection.

Main Features

Production Rate: 25-30 loads/hour
Turntable Speed: 3-10RPM
Turntable Diameter : 1500mm
Turntable Height: 81mm
Max. Load Weight: 1500kgs
Std. Wrapping Height: 2000mm
Pre-stretch Rate: Mechanical stretch
Up & Down Speed: 1.5-5m/min
Noise Decibel: ≤75dB(A)
Working Environment: Humidity: ≤90% / Temperature: -10 - 45°C
Voltage: 240V
Machine weight: 530kg
Machine size: L2444*W1500*H2463(mm)
Film Spec: 500mm wide, Core Diameter 76mm
Technical Data: Operation Manual
Warranty: 3 Years

Stretch Wrap Machine Paxum X0ms

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Introducing the new Paxum X0ms Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine.

The Paxum-X0ms is an entry level machine designed for warehouse and industrial applications.

The Paxum X0ms Features.

  • 6 memory Functions
  • One Button Start
  • PCB Control System
  • All-in-one Aluminium Mast
  • Mechanical Tension Control

The Paxum X0ms is a low cost, effective and reliable solution for many pallet wrapping applications.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Paxum X0ms can benefit your business.

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