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Steel Strapping Tools & Dispensers

Steel strapping tools & dispensers are essential for packaging heavy-duty materials in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and shipping. These tools ensure that items are securely bound, preventing damage during transit. From manual tensioners and sealers to pneumatic and battery-powered tools, our selection of steel strapping tools is designed to meet the needs of any job.

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Battery Powered Tool

Introducing the Tenso™ BPT-H32 Battery Powered Steel Strapping Tool, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize high-speed, reliable, and mobile strapping operations. Experience unmatched performance with its intuitive features and ergonomic design, ensuring consistent and dependable strapping results. With the capability for up to 500 cycles per battery charge and versatile compatibility with straps of different widths (19mm, 25mm, and 32mm), it offers enhanced flexibility. Enjoy unlimited mobility without air hose restrictions, prioritize user comfort and safety with its protective design, and gain precise control over your strapping process with real-time tension force indication and E-controlled strapping optimization.

Similarly, the Tenso™ BPT Battery Powered Tool for Steel Strapping - BPT-L19 offers the same exceptional performance and features, catering to strap widths of 13mm, 16mm, and 19mm. This tool empowers your operations with reliability and mobility.

For sealless joints or interlocking keys, the BST Sealless Battery Powered Steel Strapping Tool - 12mm to 19mm ultimate choice. It excels in high-speed operation and performance across various applications. Enjoy seamless mobility and efficient strapping with its innovative design.

Steel Strapping

The ultimate solution for securing and stabilising heavy loads during transportation and storage. Our steel strapping is made of premium quality, high tensile steel that ensures maximum strength and durability.

Looking for premium steel strapping? We’re proud to offer high-quality Tenso™-brand steel strapping. Tenso™ products are exclusive to Gateway Packaging. This high-tensile steel strapping has been heat treated for maximum strength and durability, making it resistant to breakage and corrosion. The rope wound design ensures that the strapping remains tight and secure, providing optimal support for even the heaviest loads. Whether you are shipping goods by sea, land or air. Tenso ULTRA Steel Strapping is a reliable and cost-effective solution that will provide peace of mind and ensure your products arrive safely at their destination.

Different Usages of Steel Strapping

Are you looking for a steel strapping that is easy to handle and doesn't tangle? Our ULTRA 31mm steel strapping ribbon wound hi-tensile is the ideal choice. It is best suited for high usage applications such as large bundles of metal or lumber. It is suitable for securing heavy loads and is not recommended for low or medium loads.

You may need to also consider the 19mm steel strapping ribbon wound. It can be used for low to medium loads, depending on the strength of the strapping and the weight of the load, like securing smaller bundles of lumber or boxes.

When it comes to packaging and shipping products, using the right tools can make all the difference. By using sealers, tensioners, and cutters that work seamlessly with steel strapping, you can get a complete solution for your packaging needs.

Need to learn more about our high-quality Steel Strapping supplies? Our sales team is always available to answer your questions and provide expert guidance.