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Polypropylene Strapping Tools & Dispensers

Securing your goods with polypropylene strapping demands precision and the right tools. You'll need a tensioner and a sealer (crimper), both essential for the job. At Gateway Packaging, we provide a diverse range of poly strapping tensioners and crimpers tailored to various applications.

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Poly Strapping Tensioners are the first step in ensuring your cargo stays securely strapped. Our tensioners are equipped with a ratchet mechanism, allowing you to tighten the plastic strap to the perfect tension. Once the desired tension is achieved, a poly sealer, also known as a crimper, is used to make the seal. The tensioner even includes a cutter device for effortlessly trimming the excess strap.

A sealer, commonly known as a crimper, is used to seal or crimp metal seals around plastic strapping to make an embossed join or seal that secures the strap. Poly Strap Crimpers are available for three strap widths: 12 mm, 15 mm, and 19 mm, which correspond also to the seal's width.

For those seeking mobility and convenience, our Poly Strapping Dispensers are the answer. The heavy-duty mobile cart is perfect for handling robust black poly strapping and comes with a convenient tool compartment. Its versatility allows you to move it effortlessly to different areas within your warehouse or production facility. The dispenser not only saves time but also reduces waste and rework, ultimately making your strapping process more cost-effective. Additionally, it keeps your workspace organized, minimizes clutter, and enhances safety by reducing the risk of injuries associated with manual methods.

Gateway Packaging's Poly Strapping Tools & Dispensers are designed to make your strapping process efficient, cost-effective, and safe. Don't waste time with manual methods; invest in the right tools for the job. For expert guidance and to explore our full range of packaging supplies, including steel strapping tools, reach out to our sales team today.