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PET Strapping Tools & Dispensers

When it comes to securing your industrial loads efficiently and reliably, look no further than polyester (PET) strapping tools and dispensers. At Gateway Packaging, we understand the critical importance of robust strapping solutions in various industrial applications, and we offer a comprehensive range of PET strapping products to meet your needs.

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Polyester (PET) strapping serves as the backbone of your load securing strategy. This environmentally friendly, safe, strong, and lightweight industrial-grade strapping is crafted from recycled materials, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious industries.

Key Advantages Over Other Strapping Solutions:

Polyester strapping offers several key advantages over conventional steel strapping. It's not only safer to handle but also highly durable and resilient. One standout feature is its ability to act as a barrier to ultraviolet rays, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications. Moreover, PET strapping is 100% recyclable, aligning with modern sustainability practices.

Once you've chosen the appropriate width of PET strapping for your needs, you'll want to consider the correct strapping seals or buckles, along with a tensioner. Strapping seals or buckles come in various shapes and sizes, including open, closed, and serrated. They can be made of metal or plastic and are easily crimped onto the strapping to secure it firmly.

A strapping tensioner is another crucial tool in your arsenal. These devices are employed to tighten strapping and secure loads during shipping and storage. They enhance load stability, minimize shifting and damage during transport, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. For added convenience, our PET strapping dispenser mobile cart allows you to move your tools wherever they're needed most.

Battery-Powered Strapping Tools:

Gateway Packaging offers a range of heavy-duty, battery-powered strapping tools, such as the Tenso LS-CT32 Composite Battery Strapping Tool. This efficient tool provides a maximum tension of 800daN, adjustable tension settings, and three pre-programmed modes. It's compatible with strap widths from 19mm to 32mm and features a durable brushless motor in a lightweight design. These tools ensure consistent and reliable strapping for packaging, shipping, or logistics needs

The Tenso LST 252 and Tenso LST 404 Battery Powered Strapping Tools are designed with efficiency and productivity in mind. They feature friction welding systems, automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and soft tensioning options, and are comfortable to operate both horizontally and vertically. Powered by high-quality Bosch Li-ion batteries, these tools provide up to 600 cycles per battery charge.

Ultimate High-Speed Operation:

The TENSO LST3 Battery Strapping Tool is engineered for high-speed plastic strapping applications. With advanced technology and a user-friendly design, this tool accommodates 16-19mm strap widths, making it versatile for various applications. Its durable components can withstand tough conditions, and the lithium-ion battery ensures long-lasting power. It also features a full-touch screen user interface, a stop alignment indicator, and real-time tension force indication.

Our Battery-Powered Steel Strapping Combination Tensioner-19mm, offers integrated Bluetooth technology for wireless access to operational settings. It has fewer moving parts compared to pneumatic tools, requires less maintenance, and features fast-charge lithium-ion battery technology. Its lightweight design and one-button operation simplify the strapping process, reducing operator fatigue. Ideal for 19mm strapping with a sealless strap joint, this tool is efficient and user-friendly.

Our PET strapping dispenser mobile cart is designed for convenience. It features a handy tool compartment and an inbuilt brake to prevent the roll from self-unwinding. This mobile cart ensures that your strapping tools are readily accessible wherever they're needed in your facility.

Take the first step towards boosting your strapping efficiency. Connect with our sales team today, and together, we'll identify the perfect PET strapping tools and dispensers to streamline your operations.