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Composite Strapping Tools & Dispensers

Composite strapping tools and dispensers play a vital role in industrial settings where the secure transportation and storage of large and heavy items are paramount. At the forefront of load stability solutions, these tools are engineered to meet the diverse needs of industries requiring the utmost strength and reliability.

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Composite strapping dispensers are indispensable for efficiently transporting and dispensing composite strapping – a robust strapping material ideal for safeguarding bulky and heavy cargo during transport or storage. Equipped with a mobile cart, these dispensers are particularly valuable in industrial and commercial environments where the frequent movement of large and heavy items is a common requirement. They are compatible with Tenso Composite Strapping, which are available in different sizes such as 25mm X 450mtr and 32mm x 400mtr, offering the ultimate load stability solution for cargo of varying shapes and sizes across diverse industries, from sawmilling to heavy equipment parts. Additionally, they safeguard product quality by preventing scratches and stains, eliminate rust risk, prioritize workplace safety with soft edges, and deliver unmatched tensile strength with re-tensioning capability.

Our De Lama Strapping Dispenser - Stationary is a convenient, portable dispenser designed to accommodate 12.5mm - 25mm De Lama strapping. Its mobility and versatility make it an excellent choice for various industrial applications.

For a cost-effective strapping solution, our Standard Tensioner (poly & composite) is recommended for heavy duty purpose. It excels when used with composite strapping and black heavy-duty polypropylene strapping, ensuring the secure packaging of your products.

In industrial packaging, precision and reliability are vital. Leverage our expertise in composite strapping tools and dispensers for optimized packaging solutions. Contact our sales team today for tailored expert guidance and secure your cargo confidently on its journey.