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Strapping Tools & Dispensers

Experience peak efficiency and reliability in load securing with Gateway Packaging's Strapping Tools and Dispensers. Our comprehensive range of strapping products ensures your industrial applications are fortified with robust solutions.

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Ultimate High-Speed Operation

Discover our TENSO LST3 Battery Strapping Tool, built for high-speed plastic strapping applications. Accommodating 16-19mm strap widths, it's versatile and robust, with lithium-ion power for endurance. Its touch screen, stop alignment indicator, and real-time tension force display make it a top performer.

Battery-Powered Strapping Tools

Explore our heavy-duty, battery-powered strapping tools like the Tenso LS-CT32 Composite Battery Strapping Tool. With adjustable tension settings, it offers maximum tension of 800daN and three pre-programmed modes. Compatible with strap widths from 19mm to 32mm, it boasts a durable brushless motor in a lightweight design.

Tenso LST 252 and Tenso LST 404 Battery Powered Strapping Tools are engineered for efficiency. Featuring friction welding systems and various tensioning options, they work horizontally and vertically. Powered by Bosch Li-ion batteries, they offer up to 600 cycles per charge.

Battery-Powered Steel Strapping Combination Tensioner-19mm features integrated Bluetooth tech for easy settings access. With fewer parts than pneumatic tools, it requires less maintenance. The lightweight design and one-button operation reduce operator fatigue.

PET Strapping Dispenser Mobile Cart

Our mobile cart adds convenience. Equipped with a tool compartment and a built-in brake, it prevents self-unwinding. Ensure your strapping tools are readily available wherever needed.

The PET Heavy Duty Strapping Dispenser Cart is a mobile solution designed for convenience. It features a handy tool compartment and an inbuilt brake that effectively prevents the strapping roll from self-unwinding. This cart is not only functional but also easy to operate and maneuver, making it a practical addition to your strapping equipment.

On the other hand, the MIP Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Tool - H/D Strapping Tensioner 12 - 19mm is a quality strapping tool made in America. It is specifically crafted for heavy-duty strapping tensioning with 12-19mm steel strapping. This tool's durability and reliability ensure that it can handle the most demanding strapping tasks with ease.

For those in need of a mobile strapping solution, the Polyester (PET) Strapping Dispenser - Mobile Cart offers similar convenience. It comes equipped with a handy tool compartment and an inbuilt brake to prevent roll unwinding. This cart provides mobility without compromising on functionality.

In contrast, the Stainless Steel Strapping Tool is a specialized tool designed for strapping signs, conduit, and more to poles. It offers a comprehensive solution by handling tensioning, sealing, and cutting - all in a single tool. This tool is compatible with stainless steel buckles and is engineered for ease of use, weighing in at 1.785kg.

Lastly, the Steel Strapping Combination Tensioner stands out as a versatile and cost-effective solution. This Tenso Strapping Tensioner eliminates the need for strapping seals, significantly reducing labour time and the cost associated with strapping seals. It features fast tensioning, sealing, and cutting capabilities, all backed by an engineered precision sealing mechanism.

Enhance your strapping efficiency today. Contact our sales team for expert guidance on selecting the perfect tools and dispensers for your operations. Your success is our priority.