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Twist Ties

 In the realm of industrial packaging, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Enter the world of twist ties – versatile tools with wide-ranging applications in packaging and transport, bundling everything from perishable foods to vital electrical cables.

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What sets Gateway Packaging's twist ties apart is their remarkable reusability; simply untwist them, and they're ready for another round of action.

Our Wire Twist Tool, designed for use with wire twist ties, is your secret weapon when it comes to fast and efficient bundling and sealing. It simplifies what can often be a complex task, making it both speedy and straightforward. They have wide application in packaging and transport, bundling everything from food and vegetables to electrical cables. Our ties can be reused: just untwist, and they’re ready to be used again. When you need to secure, bundle, or organize, the Wire Twist Tool is your trusty companion, simplifying your tasks and streamlining your workflow.

But here's where the real game-changer comes into play – our Wire Twist Ties. Available in various lengths and pack quantities, our heavy-duty ties are your solution for fast and secure sealing of heavy bags and sacks. Ideal for tying mesh together and bundling rods, they're copper-coated to prevent rusting, ensuring they stay reliable even in challenging environments.

Explore our range of Wire Twist Ties, available in various sizes (110mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm). These copper-coated ties are ideal for bundling, securing, and organizing, and they come in convenient pack quantities.

With Gateway Packaging, you get more than just products; you get solutions. Our Wire Twist Tool and Wire Twist Ties are designed to optimize your packaging process, ensuring your cargo stays secure, organized, and ready for its journey. Whether you're sealing heavy bags, tying mesh together, or bundling rods, our ties and user-friendly tools are up to the task.

If you're seeking a fast, economical, and efficient solution for your bundling and sealing needs, look no further. Contact our expert sales team today for personalized guidance on selecting the right sizes and quantities of Wire Twist Ties for your unique requirements.