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Rope & Twine

At Gateway Packaging, we understand the need for versatile and reliable binding solutions in various industries. Our rope and twine offerings are tailored to meet your unique requirements, ensuring your cargo stays secure and your operations run smoothly.

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Our all-purpose polypropylene (PP) fibrelash lashings are a cost-effective choice for your applications. These lashings are designed to withstand the rugged conditions of Australia. Not only are they strong and lightweight, but they also exhibit remarkable resistance to UV light and chemicals, ensuring longevity and reliability.

When it comes to rope, our polyethylene (PE) silver rope is engineered to excel in Australian conditions. This UV-stabilized rope is easy to splice and finds utility in applications that demand the use of synthetic ropes. Its strength and flexibility make it suitable for both the transport and marine industries. Furthermore, its resistance to water makes it a versatile choice for situations where grease and oil might present challenges.

Gateway Packaging also provides polypropylene machine tying twine crafted from twisted polypropylene (PP) fiber. It possesses high tensile strength, making it suitable for securing both small and large parcels. Whether you're wrapping delicate items or safeguarding your goods during transportation, our twine is up to the task.

Our Polyethylene Silver Rope comes in various lengths and thicknesses, offering exceptional grip and knot-holding capabilities. Whether it's tarpaulins or warehouse cargo, this rope ensures that your heavy loads are securely fastened. Choose from options like 10mm x 220mtr, 12mm x 220mtr, 6mm x 450mtr, and 8mm x 250mtr to align with your specific needs.

For industrial and warehouse applications, our Polypropylene Fibrelash is a dependable solution. Available in various sizes, such as 3mm x 3152mtr, 6mm x 1264mtr, and 8mm x 585mtr, it caters to your specific operational needs. This versatile and durable binding solution ensures that your items remain securely fastened, contributing to operational efficiency.

Ready to secure your cargo with our ropes and twines? Contact our experienced team to discuss your unique requirements and discover how Gateway Packaging can streamline your operations and protect your valuable goods.