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Poly Woven Strapping

Made of polyester, poly woven strapping, also known as poly cord strapping, is popular for many heavy-duty applications as a safer alternative to steel strapping. 

Poly woven strapping is the ideal solution for various applications: it won’t split, is corrosion free, UV and weather resistant, and is also lightweight. It offers the same strength as steel, but with additional benefits. Not only does poly woven strap retain its tension over time, it can be re-tensioned as needed. It's ideal for large and rigid loads, absorbing impacts and eliminating concerns about strap breakage. 

This strap is available in a variety of sizes and strengths to suit your applications. It is applied with a tensioner and secured with wire buckles. 

Lightweight and soft, poly woven strapping reduces waste, because you can use it again. It's suitable for applications in industries including construction, logging and timber, as well as steel and concrete manufacturing. 

In addition to strapping, Gateway Packaging offers a handy poly woven strap dispenser with a tool tray. Not only it is suitable for all sizes of poly woven strap, you can move it anywhere it’s needed. 

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