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GreenWave PET Strapping

Looking for lower-volume PET strapping? Gateway Packaging’s Greenwave PET Strapping, manufactured in Germany, can be used with manual strapping tools, as well as automatic strapping machines. Its innovative design and construction offers cost-savings for your applications. 

Polyester (PET) strapping is manufactured from polypropylene and polyethylene. Often called “synthetic steel”, polyester strapping may be used as an alternative to steel strapping. 

 The innovative production technique used in manufacturing embossed GreenWave PET Strapping offers PET strap with reduced grammage (g/mt), but without any reduction in tensile strength. 

This embossed polyester strapping suits applications which require high strength combined with retained tension. It offers increased weld strength too. Once applied, this strapping holds the biggest loads securely, absorbing impacts and ensuring goods arrive at their destination in great condition. 

Not only does the lower-volume of GreenWave PET Strapping offer a reduced cost, it also ensures less waste. 

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