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Edge Protectors

Edge protectors safeguard your products from costly damage during shipping and in storage. Not only can edge protectors protect your products from any damage which could be caused by strapping and packaging, they also protect from impact damage. 

Do you need edge protectors to add stability and security? Gateway Packaging offers the best edge protectors for your applications: choose non-abrasive cardboard, plastic or metal. Not only are our flexible white cardboard edge protectors cost-effective, they can be used even on awkwardly-shaped packaging.  

Edge protectors have many applications. Use them on the edges of pallet loads, to protect against damage from strapping; inside package interiors to provide stability; as well as for stretch-wrapped goods to provide stability and structure. 

Edge and Corner Protectors are a great way to keep your pallets safe. At Gateway Packaging, we're proud to offer a wide range of corner and edge protectors that can give you peace. We can provide solutions to ensure that your goods are not damaged during transit, whether you need basic cardboard corner protectors or a weatherproof plastic corner protector. Please contact us right away if you require Corner Protectors.  Browse our selection of metal, plastic and cardboard corner protectors to find what you're looking for, or get in touch with our skilled professionals to learn more about our products.

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