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De Lama® Composite Strapping

Gateway Packaging offers European-designed De Lama® composite strapping as well as the buckles and tools to apply it. Although much lighter than steel, composite strapping can be up to five times stronger. 

De Lama® composite strapping may be used anywhere in your operation with a convenient De Lama® strapping dispenser.  

Used for over 25 years in Europe, this high tensile strength composite strap is composed of polyester cables in parallel and coated with PET. It has a retraction after tension of up to 4% and can also be re-tensioned. As it’s a lighter product with no sharp edges it is easier to handle and the soft edges remove potential for cuts and abrasions or cutting and damage to products. 

The benefits of composite strapping are: 

  1. It is just as strong as steel strapping; 
  2. It is easy to handle and is extremely safe; 
  3. This strap absorbs shock and will not recoil when broken or cut; 
  4. It does not rust or stain the products that it is used on. 

Composite strapping is the preferred choice in many industries including sawmilling, timber processing, scaffolding, racking, manufacturing, roll forming, trusses and wall frames. 

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