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Composite Strapping

Composite strapping, also known as corded strapping or composite polyester strap, consists of a high-tensile polyester fibres coated with polypropylene. Pliable and soft, it’s used for heavy-duty strapping, sometimes as an alternative to steel strapping. 

Unlike steel strapping, composite strapping is safe to use and less likely to cause injury to people or goods. Much lighter than steel strapping, it reduces shipping costs.

As robust as steel, the tensile strength of this product is provided by weaving high tenacity polyester yarns together and coating them with polypropylene.

If you’re considering composite strapping for your applications, Gateway Packaging’s 19mm Composite Strapping Starter Kit offers everything you need. 

It features a mobile composite strapping dispenser cart, combined with a roll of 19mm composite strapping. The kit’s strapping tensioning tool and buckles secure your strapping. (The composite strapping is economical: it can be re-used.) 

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