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Ribbon Wound

When it comes to securing your heavy loads, you need a solution that's strong, reliable, and easy to handle. Look no further than our Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping. Whether you're a low volume user or a bulk user, we have the perfect strapping for you.

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For those with lower volume needs, our 12.7mm x 0.40mm Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping is the ideal choice. It comes in a convenient roll size that's easy to handle, weighing just 10kg. Despite its small size, it boasts an impressive tensile strength of 553kg, making it perfect for heavy loads.

Our 15.9mm x 0.50mm Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping offers the same premium quality in a slightly larger roll. With a roll weight of 14kg and a 675kg tensile strength, it strikes the perfect balance between convenience and strength.

If you require even more strength, our 19.0mm x 0.56mm Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping is designed for you. Despite its high tensile strength of 905kg, it remains easy to handle, with a roll weight of 16kg.

For bulk users, we offer the Tenso ULTRA Steel Strapping Ribbon Wound in a large roll size, a Hi Tensile Heat Treated 31.0 x 0.80mm.

With a remarkable tensile strength of 2010kg, this strapping is perfect for heavy loads. Its heat-treated, well-rounded edges ensure secure and smooth application.

Our 19.0mm x 0.50mm Tenso ULTRA Steel Strapping is a premium choice for low volume users who demand high strength. With a 740kg tensile strength and a roll length of 235m, it offers both quality and convenience.

Finally, our 19.0mm x 0.63mm Tenso ULTRA Steel Strapping provides high tensile strength of 1150kg, making it the ultimate choice for heavy loads.

Tenso Ultra Steel Strapping is known for its high MPA rating, ensuring minimal stretch and elongation. It's the premium solution for load securement in various applications.

Contact us today to order your Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping and ensure the safety of your valuable cargo.