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Steel Strapping

Our Steel strapping is made up of high-quality steel that is strong, durable, and rust resistant. They are available in various widths and thicknesses, with different levels of tensile strength to meet the specific needs of different applications.

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Advantages of using Steel Strapping

  •   Extremely Strong and can hold heavy loads without breaking or stretching, making it ideal for securing heavy loads.
  •   Highly resistant to weathering, corrosion, and other forms of damage, making it durable and long-lasting solution for securing items during      transport and storage.
  •   Versatile and can be used to secure a wide variety of items
  •   Cost-effective and can be used multiple times.

Types of Steel Strapping

Are you looking for steel strapping that is easy to handle and doesn’t tangle? You may need to consider our Rope or Ribbon wound steel strapping.

Rope Wound Steel Strapping – made by winding steel coils around central axis in a spiral fashion, creating a thick and durable strapping suitable for heavy-duty applications and high volume applications. If you are interested in premium steel or metal strapping? We’re proud to offer our high-quality Tenso™-brand steel strapping which is a popular choice for packaging and securing heavy loads. It is known for its high tensile strength and has an excellent shock resistance.

Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping – made by winding steel coils around a central axis in a flat, ribbon-like configuration, creating a thinner and lighter roll of strapping suitable for lighter load. If you are not sure which type of ribbon wound steel is best for your application, you may need to consider our Tenso™ Ultra Steel Strapping with Hi Tensile Heat Treated which is ideal for heavy loads. This strapping is heat-treated to enhance the durability and strength making it resistant to bending, twisting, or warping under extreme conditions.

In addition to the steel strapping itself, we supply the seals and dispensers for your applications. Not sure which type of steel strapping or tensile strength is best for your application? Contact us: our experts are happy to help you choose from our range of options.