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Baling Strapping

When it comes to securing your bales effectively and efficiently, look no further than Tenso Baling Strapping. Known for its reliability and strength, our baling straps are designed to meet the diverse needs of vertical baler manufacturers and strapping requirements.

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Tenso Baling Strap - 9mm x 200mtr

Our Tenso Baling Strap is a unidirectional strap comprised of polyester threads sealed together with thermoplastic glue. With a roll size of 9mm x 200mtr and a carton quantity of 8 rolls, it's the perfect choice for most common baling presses. This strap is not only strong but also easy to tie, ensuring your bales remain securely bound without coming undone.

Tenso Baling Strap - 16mm x 400mtr

Our Tenso Baling Strap in the 16mm x 400mtr configuration offers the same exceptional quality. It's robust, easy to use, and eco-friendly. This strap, like the others in our range, is designed to provide a secure solution for your baling needs.

Tenso Baling Strap - 13mm x 350mtr

Our 13mm x 350mtr Tenso Baling Strap is tailored to satisfy the strapping and tape requirements of vertical baler manufacturers. It shares the same characteristics as our other baling straps - easy to use, cost-effective, safe, eco-friendly, and versatile.

If you're seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution for securing your bales, then our baling straps are the ideal choice. Our company offers a comprehensive range of baling strap products to cater to your specific needs.

Why Choose Tenso Baling Strapping?

Its an ideal alternative to standard baling wire. Not only is it the strap’s polyester material stronger than metal, it’s also lightweight and corrosion-resistant.  

Our polyester baling strap absorbs impacts and shocks without snapping. It keeps its tension, so it has wide application in many industries; it also holds knots and has a high breaking strain. 

Don't compromise the security of your valuable bales. Choose Tenso Baling Strapping for a dependable and efficient solution. To place an order or for expert guidance tailored to your specific needs, call our dedicated sales team today. Secure your bales with confidence and experience the difference!