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Poly Woven Strapping

Made of polyester, poly woven strapping, also known as poly cord strapping, is a high-performance packaging material used for securing and bundling heavy loads during transport and storage. It is made from high-strength polyester fibers woven together to create a durable and reliable strapping material.

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Poly woven strapping is the ideal solution for various applications. It won’t split, is corrosion free, UV and weather-resistant, and is also lightweight. It offers the same strength as steel but with additional benefits. Not only does poly woven strap retain its tension over time, but it can also be re-tensioned as needed. It's ideal for large and rigid loads, absorbing impacts and eliminating concerns about strap breakage. 

Our Poly Woven Strapping is available in a range of widths to accommodate different applications. The length and width of the strapping used depends on the size and weight of the load being secured. Common widths include 15mm, and 19mm, while lengths range from 500m to 1000m. They are applied with a tensioner and secured with phosphate wire buckles as well. 

For medium application, you may need to consider our Standard Tensioner - Poly and composite. It is a cost-effective tool that ensures the strapping material is applied with consistent tension. For heavy duty application, you might be interested in our Heavy Duty Poly-Woven Strapping Tensioner which can both tension and cut the strap with the same tool and can handle up to 19mm. Additionally, it is safe and easy to operate.

To make your strapping process also easier, Gateway Packaging offers a handy poly woven strap dispenser with a tool tray. Not only it is suitable for all sizes of poly woven strap, but it can also be easily moved to wherever its needed. 

Need help selecting the right type of strapping for your products? Let our expert sales team guide you through the process. Contact us now to learn more about our Poly Woven Strapping options.