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Wire Buckles

Our Wire Buckles are known for their robust construction and unwavering reliability. Crafted to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications, they are designed to be your ultimate strapping companion.

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Our De Lama Wire Buckles are your reliable choice for heavy-duty strapping needs. They're designed to handle the toughest loads with ease. Plus, we offer a range of sizes, from 13.0mm to 40.0mm, ensuring the perfect fit for your strapping requirements. And with various carton quantities available, you'll have exactly what you need, precisely when you need it.

Our De Lama Stowage Strapping Wire Buckles are purpose-built to complement our stowage strapping, available in 25.0mm, 32.0mm, and 40.0mm sizes. These heavy-duty wire buckles ensure a secure and dependable connection for your cargo, giving you peace of mind during transit.

Not just for stowage strapping, our wire buckles also work seamlessly with De Lama composite strapping in 13.0mm size. Their heavy-duty design allows for re-tensioning, ensuring your loads remain securely fastened throughout their journey.

Explore our Wire Buckle Heavy Duty options in 16mm and 19mm, meticulously crafted for poly-woven straps. These buckles can be re-tensioned, providing the ultimate tension for your loads during transit. Say goodbye to worries about cargo shifting during transport.

At De Lama, we understand the critical role that secure strapping plays in your industrial operations. That's why we've engineered our wire buckles to meet the highest standards of durability and reliability. When you choose De Lama, you're choosing a partner that prioritizes your cargo's safety and security.

Don't wait; call us today. Our dedicated sales team is ready to provide you with expert guidance, ensuring you have the right strapping solution for your specific needs.