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Tenso® Composite Strapping

Tenso composite strapping is also called a Polyester Corded Composite Strapping, is manufactured from co-extruded high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating and known for its composite structure. It provides the best load stability solution for large, bulky, and heavy cargo irrespective of the shape and size.

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Tenso composite strapping is a stiff but flexible product that can be easily used in various packaging applications. It has a high resistance to severe weather conditions, and unlike PET and Steel strapping, it does not break instantly from a single point impact due to its elasticity. Steel and PET strapping can break easily from a single point impact during transportation. In comparison, the Tenso composite strapping impact resistance is higher by a factor of 7, compared to steel strapping.

It is a preferred choice of many industries such as Sawmilling, Timber processing, Scaffolding, Heavy equipment parts, Steel and pipes, Roll forming, Timber, Trusses, wall frames, pumps and motors.

If you are looking for a strapping solution that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective? Our Tenso Composite Strapping is the perfect choice for your business. "It is lightweight, safe to use and meets all OH & S requirements of strapping with no sharp edges and requires low tool maintenance. It’s a highly versatile product and can be used around small and large packs. Its versatility also allows you to strap obscure items, such as machinery or large parts to pallets. The smaller coil size is a further advantage to store on a forklift or in a truck for strapping fencing, scaffolding and pallet racking, by onsite teams, with no need for added corner protectors to avoid strap scratching the goods.

Secure Your Product

To secure your products in transit and ensure they arrive at their destination safely, you could consider our Heavy-Duty Tensioner and Wire Buckles, Also, our Tenso dispenser/Mobile cart makes it easy to move and package your products efficiently, while our Klever Excel Safety Cutter allows for safe cutting of the strap.

Our goal is to provide our customers with packaging solutions that are both effective and affordable. Contact our Sales team to learn more about our competitive pricing and high-quality products.