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De Lama® Composite Strapping

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable cargo during transit, nothing surpasses the reliability and strength of De Lama® Composite Strapping. Renowned across industries for its superior qualities, our composite strapping is a game-changer in cargo security.

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De Lama® Composite Strapping: Unmatched Strength and Versatility

De Lama® Composite Strapping, a jewel in our lineup, is constructed from parallel polyester cables coated with PET, providing impressive tensile strength. Even after tension, it exhibits minimal retraction, assuring your cargo stays securely fastened during transit.

Our De Lama® Composite Strapping - 16.0mm x 870mtr boasts a remarkable TENSILE STRENGTH of 500kg. Here's why it's the preferred choice across industries:

  • No Scratching or Staining: Protects your products without causing any damage.
  • Rust-Free: Unlike steel strapping, it leaves no rust marks.
  • Safe Edges: Soft and safe edges eliminate the risk of injury.
  • Re-tensioning Capability: You can easily re-tension it as needed.
  • High Impact Resistance: It can withstand heavy impacts.
  • Proven Track Record: Trusted in Europe for over 25 years.
  • Comprehensive Solutions for Your Needs

We offer a range of products tailored to your specific requirements. Our De Lama Composite Strapping Starter Kit - 12.5mm is a comprehensive package, including strapping, buckles, a stationary dispenser, and a standard strapping tensioner.

For added convenience, our versatile De Lama® Composite Strapping Kit accommodates various strap sizes, from 12.5mm to 19mm. It pairs perfectly with our De Lama Strapping Dispenser - Stationary, designed to hold 12.5mm - 25mm De Lama strapping.

In addition, we provide the De Lama Strapping Tool - Economy Tensioner for cost-effective strapping and the heavy-duty De Lama Strapping Tool - H/D Short Foot Tensioner, perfect for robust applications.

Your Cargo's Safety is Our Priority

When it comes to securing your cargo, trust in De Lama® Composite Strapping – your partner in safe and reliable cargo transportation. For expert advice tailored to your specific needs, call our dedicated sales team today. Your cargo's safety starts with us!