Semi - Automatic Strapping Machine TMS-300


If you need a compact, portable, semi-automatic strapping machine the TMS-300 is tough and economical in operation, as well as affordable. It increases productivity and reduces transport costs because you can strap multiple items together.

Of proven quality and reliability, the TMS-300 is an archless machine suited to general-purpose strapping. With a strapping speed of 2.5 seconds per strap, and variable strap widths: using strap at 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 15.5mm, it suits many applications.

- Cost efficient strapping machine suitable for a wide range of applications

- Fully adjustable tension and feed length

- Ideal for bundling panels together

- Save on freight, strap two parcels together to make one


How to use the TMS-300 semi-automatic strapping machine

With the TMS-300 semi-automatic strapping machine, you can strap items of variable sizes and weights in seconds. Little, if any, adjustment is required.

- Place your package onto the machine.

- Use the dial to adjust the strap length to suit the package.

- Take the free end of the strap and pass it around the package, then insert the strap into the TMS-300. The strap is tensioned, heat-sealed, and cut automatically.

- You can strap single items, or strap multiple items together with smooth efficiency. Productivity increases, because you can strap without needing mechanical seals or tools.

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Features of the TMS-300 include:

- Simplicity: easily fit straps to even the bulkiest packages;

- A small footprint: the machine fits into a small area and can easily be moved on its castors as necessary—use it, then move it to a different location in your factory or warehouse;

- Easy routine maintenance and servicing: the machine has a single motor;

- It uses single-phase power: plug it in, and start strapping.

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