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Prevent Injury Signage

Are you seeking effective ways to remind your workers about essential safety precautions? At Gateway Packaging, we understand the importance of a safe work environment.

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Our "prevent injury" signage, featuring messages like "PREVENT INJURY BEND KNEES," "KEEP BACK STRAIGHT," and "PREVENT INJURY DO NOT CLIMB ON EQUIPMENT OR RACKS," is designed to serve this very purpose, ensuring that your employees are constantly reminded of crucial safety guidelines.

Crafted from robust polypropylene, our signs are built to withstand the rigors of industrial settings. They are not just signs; they are visual aids that use a combination of symbols and clear, concise language, including messages like "PREVENT INJURY DO NOT CLIMB ON EQUIPMENT OR RACKS," to convey vital safety instructions.

Our "prevent injury" signage covers a range of common workplace scenarios where injuries can occur. Whether it's reminding workers to bend their knees when lifting heavy objects, keep their backs straight during manual handling, or, perhaps most importantly, emphasizing the dangers of climbing on equipment or racks, our signs address these issues head-on.

For example, our "Prevent Injury Bend Knees" sign, coupled with messages like "PREVENT INJURY SIGN – Straighten Your Back," is a powerful reminder of proper lifting techniques. It encourages employees to prioritize their well-being by bending their knees and keeping their backs straight when handling heavy loads. This simple guidance can significantly reduce the risk of back injuries, promoting a safer work environment.

Our signs are not just informative; they're also substantial in size, measuring 600mm in length and 450mm in width. This ensures they are easily visible and serve as constant reminders to your workforce.

Ensure workplace safety today – call our expert sales team for guidance on top-notch signage solutions.