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Mandatory Signage

In industrial settings, safety should never be a matter of choice. It's an absolute necessity. Neglecting protective safety gear can lead to accidents and injuries, which is why Gateway Packaging offers a range of mandatory signage to remind workers of these vital requirements.

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Our mandatory signs are crafted from durable poly plastic, ensuring longevity even in harsh industrial environments. What sets our signage apart is the combination of clear text and universally recognizable symbols. This makes them highly visible and easily understandable from a distance, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Among our selection of mandatory signs, we cover a wide array of safety gear requirements. Whether it's eye protection, gloves, hearing protection, masks, safety footwear, safety vests, hard hats, or face shields, we have signs for each specific safety need.

For instance, our 'Eye Protection Must Be Worn in This Area' sign conveys a clear and direct message. These signs serve as visual reminders to workers, emphasizing that eye protection is non-negotiable in designated areas. They measure 600mm in length and 450mm in width, ensuring they're not just noticeable but also hard to miss.

Our mandatory signs don't just communicate the requirement; they emphasize it. They're not mere suggestions; they're instructions that MUST be carried out to ensure a safe working environment.

Gateway Packaging understands the critical role these signs play in industrial safety. We're committed to helping you maintain a workplace that prioritizes safety above all else. If you need specific mandatory signage or have questions about how our signs can enhance safety compliance in your workplace, don't hesitate to reach out to our professional sales team for expert guidance.