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Sunscreen is an indispensable shield against the harsh effects of UV radiation, especially for those who toil outdoors. It's a crucial element in safeguarding the skin from potential damage caused by the sun's harmful rays.

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Gateway Packaging understands the significance of this protection, which is why we offer a range of water-resistant sunscreen lotions. Our sunscreen lotion, boasting SPF+30, is fortified with moisturizing Vitamin E, providing your workforce with reliable defence while ensuring their skin stays hydrated.

Our sunscreen is available in convenient sizes:

Sunscreen Lotion - 125ml Tube: Ideal for on-the-go applications, this 125ml tube offers SPF+30 protection, ensuring a non-greasy and moisturizing experience. It's your reliable companion for outdoor endeavours, offering three hours of water resistance.

Sunscreen Lotion - 1lt Pump Bottle: For those in need of larger quantities, our 1-liter pump bottle packs the same SPF+30 sunscreen formula. This water-resistant lotion is non-greasy and enriched with Vitamin E, offering extended protection for up to three hours.

Sunscreen Lotion - 500ml Bottle: Our 500ml bottle presents another practical option, housing the SPF+30 sunscreen lotion with Vitamin E. It's perfect for outdoor workers who require ample protection and convenience in a smaller package.

At Gateway Packaging, we prioritize the well-being of your outdoor workforce. Our sunscreen lotions are crafted to cater to their specific needs, ensuring they can carry on with their tasks confidently and safely.

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