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Hearing Protection

For those working in environments with potential eye hazards, ensuring the safety of your workforce is paramount. At Gateway Packaging, we recognize the significance of reliable eye protection gear. Our range of safety glasses and goggles are meticulously designed to provide optimal protection without compromising on comfort.

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Why Should Hearing Protection Be Your Priority?

Safety begins with prevention, and protecting your employees' hearing is a non-negotiable aspect of workplace safety. Exposure to high noise levels over time can lead to irreversible hearing damage. This is where our comprehensive hearing protection solutions come into play.

Explore Our Range of Hearing Protection Gear

Bulk Ear Plug Dispenser Station: Our Pro plug bell earplugs, shaped for increased comfort, provide hearing protection up to 110dB(A). For high-volume users, our dispenser station can hold up to 500 pairs, ensuring easy access to essential hearing protection.

Bulk Ear Plug Dispenser Station Refill: This refill pack ensures you never run out of earplugs for your dispenser station. Each pack contains 500 pairs of Pro plug bell earplugs, designed for maximum comfort and protection.

Cobra Earmuff: These earmuffs provide robust hearing protection up to 110 dB(A). With their convenient fold-away construction and foam headband cushions, they prioritize comfort and safety.

Deluxe Earmuff PELTOR H7A Class 5 - 30dB: Offering general-purpose hearing protection up to 30dB, these earmuffs are perfect for various industrial settings.

Disposable Earplugs - Corded and Uncorded: Supplied in sturdy dispenser boxes, our disposable PU foam earplugs provide top-notch hearing protection up to 110 dB(A). Choose corded or uncorded options based on your preferences.

Headband Earplugs: These disposable PU foam pads offer Class 4, SLC8024dB protection. Each set includes one headband and two sets of earplugs for ultimate convenience.

Headband Earplugs - Replacement Earplugs: Stock up on replacement earplugs for your headband earplugs. Each carton contains 50 pairs, ensuring you're always prepared.

Maxi Muff Earmuff Class 5 - 32dB: Designed for general-purpose use, these earmuffs provide top-level hearing protection up to 32dB. They come with high-quality ear cushions for added comfort.

Metal Detectable Earplug - Corded: These earplugs, equipped with internal metal balls and detectable blue colouring, are easily spotted by visual and automated systems. Their superior design makes insertion a breeze.

Pro Band Headband Earplugs - Class 4: Offering high ear protection, these comfortable headband earplugs can be used across various industries with high noise levels. Each carton contains 10 sets.

Python Earmuff: High performance meets maximum protection with these earmuffs, providing hearing protection for noise levels up to 116 dB(A). Their lightweight ear cup construction ensures wearer comfort.

Viper Earmuff: These earmuffs, designed for general-purpose use, offer hearing protection up to 110 dB(A). With high-quality ear cushions, they prioritize both safety and comfort.

Reach out to our experienced sales team now for tailored recommendations and expert insights to enhance your safety measures.