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Gumboots, also known as wellington boots or rain boots, have become an essential part of protective workwear across various industries. Gateway Packaging proudly offers a range of safety gumboots under our Stimela brand, designed to ensure the safety and comfort of workers in diverse work environments.

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Let's explore how our Stimela gumboots can elevate your product protection.

Stimela Gumboot - Dominator

As a new and exciting addition to the Australian market, Stimela Gumboots present the Dominator model tailored for agriculture and food industries. The Dominator features an acid, oil, and fat-resistant sole, making it a reliable companion in demanding environments. Its advanced tread pattern provides exceptional grip, ensuring stability even in slippery conditions. This model is characterized by its lightweight design and absence of a steel cap, prioritizing comfort without compromising safety.

Stimela Gumboot - Executive

Catering to the needs of the agriculture and food industry, the Stimela Executive Gumboot is designed for comfort and functionality. The deep and wide tread of the Executive model offers remarkable grip while ensuring quick mud release. With an acid, oil, and fat-resistant sole, this gumboot stands strong against harsh substances. What sets the Executive apart is its safety toecap, providing an additional layer of protection for your feet.

Stimela Gumboot - Food King

Embracing the unique demands of fish and poultry food production, the Stimela Food King Gumboot stands out. This gumboot boasts an acid, oil, and fat-resistant sole, ensuring longevity and reliability even in challenging conditions. The light weight design enhances comfort during long hours of work, without compromising on safety. The absence of a steel cap prioritizes agility, making it an excellent choice for dynamic tasks.

Stimela Gumboot - Foreman

Addressing the comprehensive needs of the construction industry, the Stimela Foreman Gumboot is a versatile all-purpose boot. Its hi-viz ankle cap and bright sole enhance visibility, promoting safety in various work settings. With a safety toecap that exceeds AS/NZs 2210.3 Type 2 standards, the Foreman model ensures unparalleled protection for your feet. Stimela's commitment to quality and innovation shines through in this gumboot.

At Gateway Packaging, we understand the importance of selecting the right protective gear for your workforce. Our Stimela Gumboots provide not only unparalleled safety but also unmatched comfort, making them a reliable choice for various industries. Whether you're in agriculture, food production, or construction, our range of gumboot options ensures that you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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