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Eye Protection

In the realm of industrial work, prioritizing safety is non-negotiable. Eye protection, a fundamental aspect of workplace safety, is often underestimated. Gateway Packaging brings you a comprehensive range of industrial eye protection solutions that are built to safeguard your workforce and elevate safety standards across various industries.

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Lens Cleaning Wipes – Clarity at Your Fingertips

Our pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes are a quick and convenient solution for maintaining clear vision. Whether it's your safety glasses, cameras, LCD screens, or other optical surfaces, these wipes ensure crystal-clear visibility. Each carton contains 100 wipes, providing you with an ample supply for your workforce.

Safety Glasses – Axe Series – Your Shield of Clarity

Our Axe series safety glasses are designed with precision and protection in mind. Crafted with polycarbonate lenses, they provide robust defense against impact and debris. These safety glasses are versatile, with vented side arms and the ability to be worn over prescription spectacles. Choose from two lens colors: clear for optimal visibility or smoke for added protection against glare and brightness. Each carton includes 12 pairs of safety glasses, ensuring that your team is well-equipped for the job.

Safety Glasses – Hammer – Budget-Friendly Protection

The Hammer series safety glasses offer budget-friendly yet reliable eye protection. With UV-treated, hard-coated polycarbonate lenses, they safeguard your eyes without breaking the bank. The smoke lens option is particularly effective in reducing glare and enhancing visual comfort. Each carton contains 12 pairs of these economical protectors.

Safety Glasses – Hawk – Ultimate Comfort and Clarity

Our Hawk series safety glasses combine comfort and high-performance lens technology. Featuring UV-treated, anti-fog polycarbonate lenses, they ensure a clear field of vision even in challenging conditions. The soft, comfortable nose piece and EVA foam seal against dust particles provide a snug fit. These glasses offer medium impact protection, making them versatile for various industrial applications. Each carton includes 12 pairs of these exceptional safety glasses.

Safety Glasses – Rogue – Style Meets Protection

In the Rogue series, style meets safety. These safety glasses are designed for ultimate comfort and protection. With medium impact resistance and clear lenses, they offer a perfect blend of style and safety. Each carton contains 12 pairs of these stylish protectors.

Safety Glasses Texas – Lightweight All-Rounders

Our Texas series safety glasses are remarkably lightweight, making them an ideal choice for long workdays. The wraparound lenses provide comprehensive protection, while the hard-coated lens with UV protection ensures durability. These glasses suit different face shapes, offering flexibility in fit. Each carton includes 12 pairs of these versatile safety glasses.

Safety Goggles – Maximum Protection and Comfort

Our safety goggles are engineered for maximum protection and comfort. With foam binding and a wide strap, they offer exceptional comfort during extended wear. The anti-fog hardened 2mm lens provides clear vision even in challenging environments. These goggles are especially effective in chemical splash protection. Each carton contains safety goggles with clear lenses.

Safety Visors – Unobstructed Vision

Our safety visors offer unobstructed views with anti-fog technology. A single-piece design ensures comprehensive protection. Replacement lenses are also available, providing you with a cost-effective solution to maintain safety standards.

At Gateway Packaging, we understand the paramount importance of safety in industrial settings. Our industrial eye protection solutions meet and exceed industry standards, providing your workforce with the highest level of safety and comfort. Connect with our experienced sales team today to discuss your specific requirements and take the first step toward a safer workplace.