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Protective Clothing

When it comes to safeguarding yourself in a variety of work environments, Gateway Packaging has your back with a comprehensive array of protective clothing. From head to toe, we offer a range of products designed to provide you with the utmost protection, comfort, and peace of mind. 

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Let's dive into the remarkable assortment that we have to offer.

Bulk Ear Plug Dispenser Station and Refill

For those in need of continuous hearing protection, our Bulk Ear Plug Dispenser Station and Refill are the perfect solution. The Pro plug bell earplugs included offer both comfort and safety, providing hearing protection up to 110dB(A). The refill pack, containing 500 pairs, ensures that you'll have earplugs readily available whenever you need them.

Disposable Coverall

Our Disposable Coveralls are the epitome of convenience and safety. Constructed from polypropylene, these single-layer coveralls are not only lightweight and breathable but also reduce the hassle of decontamination. Perfect for a variety of tasks, they offer reliable protection without compromising comfort.

Hair Nets - Crimped Beret

In environments where hygiene is paramount, our Hair Nets offer a simple yet effective solution. Available in various colors including blue, red, green, white, and yellow, these crimped style hair nets are designed to contain hair, ensuring it doesn't interfere with your work. Their lightweight and comfortable design make them a must-have for food handling areas.

Lab Coats

Our Lab Coats come in two variations: one in a stylish blue and the other in pristine white. These disposable lab coats provide both comfort and protection. With elastic cuffs and a Velcro closure, they ensure a secure fit while offering breathability for extended wear. Whether you're working in a laboratory or a controlled environment, these lab coats are your go-to choice.

Micro Porous Water Resistant Coverall - Hazguard

In scenarios where water resistance and anti-static properties are crucial, our Hazguard Coveralls deliver exceptional performance. With a fully elastic hood, ankles, and wrists, these coveralls provide comprehensive coverage while ensuring comfort and breathability. Available in various sizes, they're adaptable to your needs.

Shoe Covers - CPE

When contamination prevention is a priority, our CPE Shoe Covers are your trusty ally. Designed to provide a barrier from various contaminants, these waterproof shoe covers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With 1000 covers per carton, you'll be well-equipped for the demands of your workspace.

Sleeve Protectors

Our Sleeve Protectors come in two distinct variations. The first, available in blue, is ideal for wet and messy areas. Made from LDPE, these guards provide an extra layer of protection and assurance. The second variation, also in blue, boasts the same protective features, making it equally suitable for challenging work conditions.

Disposable Respirator P1

When dealing with dust and airborne particles, our Disposable Respirators P1 offer much-needed relief. Available in two types - with valve and without valve - these respirators come with latex-free dial straps and are AS/NZC 1716:2003 approved. With 20 pieces per box, you'll have ample supply for your protection needs.

Non Toxic Dust Mask

Lightweight and comfortable, our Non-Toxic Dust Masks are perfect for extended wear. With an aluminum nose piece that molds to your comfort, these masks are available in a box of 50. They offer peace of mind while protecting against dust and other particles.

Hard Hat - Vented

When head protection is paramount, our Vented Hard Hat ensures your safety without sacrificing comfort. Featuring a 6-point harness, it's available in two vibrant colors: white and yellow. Whether you're on a construction site or in an industrial setting, this hard hat has you covered.

Hi Vis Safety Vest Day

For enhanced visibility in high-traffic areas and work sites, our Hi Vis Safety Vests are a must-have. Available in various sizes from small to extra extra-large, and vibrant colors like orange and yellow, these vests are compliant with Australian standards. With a velcro closure, they offer both safety and convenience.

High Vis Rain Suit

For those working outdoors in poor weather conditions, our High Vis Rain Suit is your ultimate armor. Made from PVC/Polyester with elastic cuffs and two large pockets, it provides reliable protection from the elements. Available in large size, this rain suit ensures you stay dry and comfortable.

Safety Glasses - Axe - CLEAR

When it comes to eye protection, our Safety Glasses - Axe - CLEAR offer clear visibility while shielding your eyes from potential hazards. With a polycarbonate lens and vented side arms, these glasses are versatile and designed to keep you safe.

Safety Goggle - CLEAR

Our Safety Goggle - CLEAR is perfect for wet and messy environments, providing comfort and protection. With foam-bound padding and a wide strap, these goggles feature an anti-fog hardened 2mm lens, ensuring a clear field of vision even in challenging conditions.

Stimela Gumboot - Dominator and Executive

For those in agriculture or food industries, our Stimela Gumboots offer exceptional protection. The Dominator features an acid, oil, and fat-resistant sole, along with an advanced tread pattern for grip. The Executive model includes a safety toecap, deep tread, and similar acid, oil, and fat-resistant features.

Viper Earmuff

Our Viper Earmuffs are designed for general-purpose hearing protection. With high-quality ear cushions, they effectively shield against noise levels up to 110dB(A). Offering both comfort and safety, they are essential for noisy work environments.

Sunscreen Lotion

For outdoor work, our Sunscreen Lotions provide protection against harmful UV rays. Available in various sizes from 125ml to one litre, these lotions are SPF+30 and contain moisturizing Vitamin E. With a non-greasy formula, they ensure your skin stays protected and nourished.

With Gateway Packaging, your safety is our top priority. Equip yourself with our range of protective clothing by contacting our sales team or exploring our website. Stay safe, stay protected, and experience the difference of Gateway Packaging's commitment to your well-being.