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Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic gloves, often referred to as engineered gloves, stand as the pinnacle of modern hand protection. Designed to excel in a plethora of industrial applications, these gloves combine innovation and functionality, catering to the diverse needs of professionals across various sectors.

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Ansell Hyflex Ultra Lite 11-618: Precision at Your Fingertips

Available in sizes from 7 to 11, the Ansell Hyflex Ultra Lite 11-618 is a masterstroke in glove engineering. It isn't just a shield; it's a game-changer. With high abrasion assistance, it battles the harshest conditions, extending glove life with its remarkable durability. Offering the ideal blend of dexterity and robustness, these gloves redefine what industrial gloves can achieve. A single pack delivers 12 pairs, ensuring you're always equipped for excellence.

Black Knight Gripmaster Glove: Conquer Wet and Oily Terrain

Whether wet or oily, the Black Knight Gripmaster Glove dominates. Its seamless nylon shell ups the comfort and breathability quotient. It's more than just a glove; it's a shield that repels oil penetration while maintaining a remarkable grip. Thanks to its 13-gauge lycra/nylon shell, it fits snugly, without compromising on stretch. The antimicrobial treatment adds hygiene, and the machine washable design extends glove life without compromising Anti-Bac efficiency. Plus, its thin coating ensures superior flexibility and dexterity. Perfectly suited for general purpose work, maintenance, baggage handling, construction, automotive, logistics, warehousing, mining, and more.

Black Knight Sub-Zero Thermal Glove: Warmth Meets Precision

When temperatures drop, the Black Knight Sub-Zero Thermal Glove keeps you in the game. Available in varying sizes, it's designed to combat the chill, indoors or outdoors. Its poly cotton composition with a latex finish on the palm ensures both warmth and dexterity. Plus, its waterproof palm adds to the convenience, ensuring your hands stay dry even in damp conditions.

Unleash Your Potential with Gateway's Synthetic Gloves

From the Black Panther Glove's lightweight breathability to the Green Grippa Latex Gloves' compatibility with screens and devices, Gateway Packaging offers an array of solutions. Nylon gloves, both with black latex palm and PU palm, redefine grip and comfort. Meanwhile, the Poly Cotton Glove with Crinkled Rubber Palm boasts excellent grip and reusable durability.

Supaflex Glove: Flexibility Meets Protection

The Supaflex Glove series sets new standards in flexibility. With polyurethane/nitrile micro foam coating on the palm and a seamless Nylon/Lycra liner, it excels in precision tasks, small parts handling, and tough applications. Its ultra-thin coating ensures unmatched dexterity, and the highest level of abrasion resistance keeps you safe. Breathable and certified by OEKO-TEX®, these gloves fit like a second skin, ideal for engineering, assembly, automotive, construction, logistics, and more.

Empower your hands with the future of hand protection. Contact our sales team to explore the full range of Gateway's Synthetic Gloves. Elevate safety, embrace excellence – Gateway Packaging is your partner in progress.