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Glove Dispenser

A Glove Dispenser, also known as a glove box holder, is a practical solution for organizing and dispensing disposable gloves in a quick, clean, and hygienic manner. It ensures that gloves are easily accessible for use while maintaining a tidy workspace.

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Gateway Packaging offers two convenient options to suit your needs. The 3 Box Dispenser is designed to hold up to three glove boxes, providing ample storage for various glove types or sizes. It can be easily mounted on the wall, saving valuable counter space and promoting an organized environment.

For more compact requirements, our Single Box Dispenser accommodates a single glove box, maintaining the same quick and hygienic glove access. It's an ideal choice for areas with limited space or specific glove needs.

Both options offer the benefits of promoting cleanliness, efficiency, and easy access to gloves, essential for industries such as healthcare, food service, manufacturing, and more. Keep your work area organized and maintain a high standard of hygiene with our Glove Dispensers.

Reach out to our sales team today to discover the perfect glove dispenser solution for your workspace needs.