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Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves, takes center stage in Gateway Packaging's comprehensive selection. Revered for their versatility, these gloves play a crucial role in safeguarding workers' hands, often acting as a protective layer under other gloves.

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When it comes to battling the biting cold, our Coldie cotton gloves step up to the plate. These gloves aren't just about protection; they bring the gift of warmth. Whether you're in a chilly outdoor environment or within the confines of a cold room, Coldie gloves are your dependable companions. Crafted from a blend of poly cotton with a latex finish on the palm, they offer not only impeccable dexterity but also snug warmth. Facing wet conditions? No problem. Coldie gloves stand as your waterproof defence, ensuring your hands remain cozy and dry. Available in Large size, each pack contains a reassuring 10 pairs.

Imagine the scenario: the construction industry buzzes with activity, and production lines hum with life. Here, our PVC-dotted cotton gloves shine. These gloves aren't just about protection; they're about control. When slippery materials become your challenge, these gloves come to the rescue. The PVC dots on the palms provide that extra grip that makes all the difference. From construction sites to busy production lines, these gloves have your back.

Step into the world of options with our Cotton Liner Gloves. Designed to be the perfect under-glove, they serve multiple purposes. Ideal for wearing beneath rubber gloves, they act as a barrier where allergies come into play. But that's not all; they also stand as a shield against the cold when worn alone. Let's not forget the added layer of fingerprint protection they bring to the table. Available in both Medium and Large sizes, each pack contains 12 pairs.

For the ultimate in versatility, explore our Knitted Poly Cotton Gloves. Seamlessly designed, they find their calling in dry environments, guarding against dirt and dust. Whether you're working on a packing line or handling delicate components, these gloves are your go-to companions. Need to enhance protection? These gloves can even be worn as inner gloves beneath rubber or nitrile gloves.

Don't miss out on our PVC Dotted Glove, a variant of the general-purpose glove. With its PVC dotted palm for that crucial extra grip, it's designed for those who need a firmer hold on their tasks. Whether you're navigating a bustling warehouse or managing production lines, these gloves ensure you stay in control.

Step up your hand protection game today. Contact our sales team to explore the full range of our cotton gloves. Elevate safety, enhance productivity – that's the Gateway Packaging promise.