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First Aid

First Aid is an essential component of any workplace, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees. Gateway Packaging offers a comprehensive range of first aid solutions, including first aid kits and refills tailored to various needs.

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Our Workplace Response Kit in a soft, portable pack is a versatile option for addressing immediate medical needs. Stocked with thermal blankets, wound dressings, and bandages, it equips you with necessary tools to handle injuries. Our first aid refills include Febridol Pain Relief tablets and sterile eye washes, providing swift relief and care in emergencies.

For workplaces requiring specialized attention to eye safety, our Emergency Eye Wash Station offers a wall-mountable solution that includes two large 500ml bottles of sterile eyewash. Additionally, our first aid kits come in different sizes, including metal wall cabinets and portable plastic cases, conforming to various regulations and requirements.

We understand that workplaces have different levels of risk, which is why we offer kits that cater to high-risk environments, such as construction sites and warehouses. Our Industra Max Pro First Aid Kits are designed to exceed regulations, equipped with high-quality contents to address critical situations.

Incorporating convenience, our Vehicle Max Kits comply with WHS 2012 Regulations for work vehicles. These deluxe kits come with ARTG registered quality extras and a medium-sized case with internal compartments, suitable for unexpected roadside emergencies.

Our comprehensive range of first aid refills, including adhesive strips, antiseptic creams, bandages, eye pads, and more, ensures that your first aid kits remain well-stocked and ready for use at all times.

Safety is paramount, and our commitment to providing reliable first aid solutions extends to equipping workplaces with the essential tools and knowledge to handle emergencies. Contact our sales team today to find the ideal first aid solution that aligns with your workplace needs and regulations. Don't compromise on safety – Gateway Packaging is your partner in ensuring the well-being of your workforce.