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Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Disposable Vinyl Gloves for when you need protection faster and cheaper.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves are made of PVC and are quite inexpensive to produce due to their manufacturing technology. This also makes them less expensive to purchase. Although they are less durable than Nitrile or Latex counterparts, they are frequently purchased for non-hazardous situations, regions with low risk of infection because of their inexpensive cost.

Gateway Packaging’s soft disposable vinyl gloves are latex-free, so they’re less likely to trigger skin reactions and allergies. Sizes range from extra-large, to small. Each glove is cuffed for additional strength, as well as protection and safety. When using disposable vinyl gloves for short-term use, they usually have a looser fit, making donning and doffing easier.

Our “foodie blue” disposable vinyl gloves suit the food handling and protection areas of your operation.

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