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Health & Safety

At Gateway Packaging, we prioritize workplace safety and understand the critical importance of health and safety products in various industries. Our extensive collection of health and safety solutions is designed to create a secure and protective environment for your employees while promoting efficient operations.

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One of the cornerstone offerings in our lineup is the Ansell Hyflex Ultra Lite 11-618 gloves, available in sizes 7 through 11. These gloves are more than just protective gear; they offer high abrasion resistance and extended durability. With enhanced glove life, they ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising on safety. These gloves excel in providing dexterity for various tasks, making them an indispensable asset in industrial settings.

The Black Knight Gripmaster Glove is another standout product that offers exceptional grip even in challenging conditions. Constructed with multi-layered Gripmaster technology, these gloves repel oil and water while maintaining superior grip. The 13-gauge lycra/nylon shell provides comfort and breathability, along with the added benefit of Anti-Bac antimicrobial treatment. These gloves are designed to perform in various applications, from general purposes to automotive and construction tasks.

Our selection extends to hearing protection, with products like the Bulk Ear Plug Dispenser Station Refill featuring Pro plug bell earplugs. Designed for comfort and hearing protection up to 110dB(A), these earplugs ensure the safety of your employees in noisy environments.

To cater to diverse needs, we offer a wide range of safety signs, personal protective equipment (PPE), and accessories. Whether you require disposable nitrile gloves, hi-vis safety vests, or safety glasses with various lens options, our collection has you covered.

For workplaces that demand thorough medical supplies, the Industra Pro Max First Aid Kit - Metal Wall Cabinet provides comprehensive medical solutions, making it suitable for construction sites and large warehouses. Additionally, the Micro Porous Water Resistant Coverall offers water-resistant and anti-static protection, ensuring employee safety in potentially hazardous environments.

At Gateway Packaging, we're committed to your safety. Reach out to our experienced sales team to explore our extensive health and safety product collection and find tailored solutions that suit your industry-specific requirements. Your workforce's well-being is our top priority, and we're here to help you achieve a safer work environment.