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Ripack Heat Gun - 2500

The Ripack 2500 gas heat gun is a heavy-duty heat gun that provides substantial power as well as fast heating in seconds, enabling the shrinking of all film types and nearly all thicknesses. It is one of the best heat tools on the market right now, with an available power output of up to 60 KW. This heat gun can easily shrink and wrap an average size pallet in only one and a half minutes.

Heat guns are used widely in industrial applications to package and protect goods across multiple sectors including construction, manufacturing, agri-food and containment. The Ripack 2500 heat gun is suitable as a cost effective, entry level industrial use heat gun for low pallet shrinking rates.

The ergonomics of Ripack 2500 are excellent; it is light, balanced and easy to grip. The pivoting nozzle allows for precise results. The construction of Ripack 2500 has gone the extra mile by protecting every part that might get affected by either heat, breakage or impact.

The Ripack 2500 is capable of the following:

  • Powerful heat output with a 40 to 60 KW adjustable range.
  • Patented stainless combustion nozzles can easily pivot while in use and have the ability to stay cold even with extended use.
  • Easy to carry around being lightweight and well-balanced.
  • Simple to use and extremely effective with the 8 meters propane type hose that comes with a swivel connector.

The securipack system of the Ripack 2500 shrink gun has the highest levels of safety for this type of tool. The stainless steel heat diffuser installed in it remains cold even after being used for more extended periods eliminating any risk of burns through direct contact with the nozzle. Also, to prevent overheating, it automatically senses the pressure in your gas bottle as well as ensures to control the gas pressure in your hose. In case the pipe gets broken, it will automatically cut off the gas flow.

Ripack 2500 is the kind of gas-powered heat shrink gun that is well-equipped to work faster under total security. And at the same time, it extends the range of action by working wider areas quicker, without overreaching or moving along, and it's comfortable enough to reach down less in low areas.

At Gateway packaging, we believe in bringing the best and innovative products to our customers, regardless of industry or location and the Ripack heat gun 2500 is a good example of superior quality packaging solutions that are safe and reliable.

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Ripack Heat Gun - 2500

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  • Ultra heavy duty heat gun
  • One handed operation
  • Use with LP Gas
  • Provides high level of safety
  • Can be used in many applications such as Construction, Industry, Transport/ Logistic, Food etc..


  • 1 Ripack 2500 Heat Gun
  • 8 metres propane type hose with swivel connector
  • 1 instruction sheet with guarantee card
  • 1 double safety adjustable regulator
  • 1 spanner

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