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Poly Woven Strapping: An Great Alternative to Steel Strapping

Polywoven Strapping

Have you been a long time user of steel strappingEver cut yourself on the cold, abrasive edges or had products damaged because steel is so unforgiving? There is another product that we suggest you try…


We would like to introduce you to a great alternative…Poly Woven Strapping.



If you prefer to watch over read, Anthony and Andrew recently filmed this video to run us through the benefits of switching to poly woven.



The types of companies that might use steel strapping include timber manufacturing & processing, steel & concrete manufacturing and scaffold companies. 

These are the sorts of industries where they require a lot of tension for heavy loads and products, as well as for traveling long distances.

So some of the reasons for using poly woven strapping are obvious!  Easier to use, safer handling, softer on your product and the biggest advantage is it is one of the only strap types that can be re-tensioned!

When applying strap to packs like logs and other items that are going to be moved around a lot, the strap naturally tends to move also. This can cause the strap to lose a bit of tension.

With poly woven, we can re-tension it at any point! No need to cut off the slack strap and re-apply. 

For this reason alone, there are some definite savings with using poly woven over steel as well as all the other great benefits mentioned above. 

See the different types of poly woven strapping we have in stock. 



Let’s take a look at how the two types of strap stack up against each other…

Tensile Strength 350kg – 1000kg 553kg – 1080kg
Weight Light Heavy
Rust No Yes
Re-use / Re-tension Yes No
Application Soft Abrasive
Fastening Method Wire Buckles Metal Seals
Fastening Tool Strapping Tensioner – manual Steel Strapping Tool – manual
Pricing Comparable to Steel Comparable to Poly Woven


Here is a video demonstration of the poly woven in action! 


Another item we like to mention in tandem with this type of strap is the phosphate wire buckle.

It was featured in the demo video above. 

The phosphate wire buckle is no different in construction or material to a normal galvanised buckle but it has a phosphate coating which assists with increasing the grip you can achieve!

When you are trying to tie down heavy packs, it’s gives you a bit more grip for the strap to sort a hang on to.

So any slippage that might happen this buckle’s the way to go, if you’re thinking that that might be an issue for you.

Learn more about our Heavy Duty Phosphate Wire Buckles.

If you’d like more information on the above or any of our strapping supplies, please contact us via our Live chat feature to the right of screen or you can always call us at our head office on 1800 003 310. 

Have you ever tired poly woven?

Are you happy with how your steel strapping is performing?

Would love to get your thoughts in the comments below!

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