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How to Choose Between The Different Types of PET Strapping Tools 


There are different types of tools to choose from when it comes to your (PET) Polyester strapping!  Let’s take a look…

In the end, it comes down to your budget and the frequency or workload you have for the tool/s.

If you have high volumes of strapping work and your budget allows for it, we suggest you look at the Battery Powered Strapping Tools, as these will save you large amounts of time over the manual models. 

However, if your requirements for strapping are infrequent, the standard strapping tensioners will certainly perform for you!

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PET Strapping Tools

PET Combination Tool 

The Combination Tool tensions, seals and cuts all with the one tool.

It is designed for use with serrated seals and completes the job all in one. 

It is a high-performance tool for achieving high tension and greater seal efficiency. 

Tool Code: 61822


PET Strapping Tensioner

The PET Strapping Tensioner is a robust tool used for tension strapping with a buckle or a serrated seal. 

There are Standard and Heavy Duty versions of this tool available depending on your requirements. 

Tool Code: 61208 (standard)

Tool Code: 61820 (heavy duty)



Watch our latest video which gives a demo of the Standard Tensioner above!

Seal Crimping Tool

The Seal Crimping Tool is used for applying metal or serrated seals to (PET) Strapping.

However, with this type of application, you need to use a Strapping Tensioner as well to put the tension on the strapping. 

Then when you add the metal seal the Crimping Tool secures it in place. 

Tool Code: 61821 (12mm seals) 

Tool Code: 61830 (16mm seals) 


Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Then there are Battery Powered Strapping Tools which perform the required tensioning and sealing within the one tool. 

Battery Powered Strapping Tools reduce the amount of time it takes to do the job, compared to manual tensioners and buckles. 

They are lightweight, ergonomic and all operations are controlled by electronic push buttons making them quick and simple to operate. 

Click here to find out more about our range of Tenso Battery Powered Strapping Tools via our blog. 

61821 (Tenso) – Tool Code

61824 (Swiss) – Tool Code

61827 (Zapak) – Tool Code


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