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PET Strapping (TENSO Greenwave) | Gateway Packaging


Our GreenWave PET Strapping has an innovative product technique allowing for a reduction in the grammage (g/mt) with almost no loss of tensile strength.

Basically, this means that the reduction of grams per metre of the strapping results in a lower volume product. This aids our contribution to the protection of the environment through waste minimisation.


Why Tenso GreenWave?

There are several quality aspects of the GreenWave PET Strapping that make it a top choice!

  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • The strap end is secured in a bag inside the roll core
  • The strapping roll is foiled to prevent unintentional uncoiling
  • It includes revolutionary embossing to the strap to enhance joint strength


What To Use PET Strapping For

Products of varying sizes, shapes and weight have to be safely secured whilst they are being transported.

Using the right strapping is about more than just the specified tensile breaking strength.

GreenWave PET Strapping is perfect for securing a wide range of products including bricks, bamboo, timber, trusses and everything in between.


More Than Just Strapping

Our Tenso strapping also comes with a range of Tenso strapping supplies and accessories which you can see here.

The battery powered strapping tools will save you hours of precious time, allow you to operate anywhere and increase your productivity overall.

Feel like looking over our Tenso catalogue? Click here to download a copy of our latest edition.


Product Specifications

See the full range of TENSO Greenwave PET Strapping and place orders online at www.gatewaypackaging.com.au


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