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Clear Machine Stretch Film

Clear Machine Stretch Film, a cornerstone of industrial packaging, offers an array of advantages that cater to the needs of a variety of businesses. As customers increasingly seek efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions, Paxum - Premium Machine Stretch Film steps up to the plate. This product is renowned for its versatility and durability in the industrial landscape.

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Different measurements of Paxum - Premium Machine Stretch Film ensure a tailored fit for your packaging needs: 500mm x 1305mtr x 25um – CLEAR , 500mm x 1420mtr x 23um – CLEAR , 500mm x 1080mtr x 30um - CLEAR , 500mm x 1630mtr x 20um - CLEAR500mm x 1920mtr x 17um - CLEAR

These measurements provide flexibility to accommodate various packaging requirements. Each of these options shares common features that set Paxum - Premium Machine Stretch Film apart:

  • High clarity cast film with great cling: This film adheres strongly to your products, ensuring load stability and damage prevention during transit.
  • Low noise application: A quiet application process minimizes workplace noise, making it more comfortable for your team.
  • Excellent memory: The film retains its shape and tightness, guaranteeing the security of your packaging.
  • Very high puncture resistance: Exceptional puncture resistance shields your products from potential damage during transportation.

One remarkable addition to the Paxum range is the Paxum® Nano Machine Pallet Wrap, boasting the dimensions of 500mm x 2000mtr x 15um. It represents a revolutionary leap in packaging innovation and efficiency, answering the call for cost-effective and secure pallet wrapping.

Paxum Nano leverages advanced multi-layer cast film production technology, ensuring the highest quality and reliability. The film's properties include unparalleled optical clarity, facilitating accurate scanning during logistics and inventory management. Furthermore, its whisper-quiet application minimizes noise in the workplace, enhancing the overall working environment.

The benefits of choosing Paxum Nano are significant

Revolutionary thin gauge film: This innovation transforms pallet wrapping, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Bolstered load containment strength: Paxum Nano guarantees stability, so your products remain securely wrapped during transit.

Exceptional resistance to punctures and tears: Protecting your cargo from potential harm.

Achieve significant pallet wrapping cost reductions: By reducing expenses related to packaging.

Superior load retention: Reducing the risk of shipping-related mishaps.

For stabilizing and securing your valuable products, our Machine Stretch Film - measuring 500mm in width, 1350 meters in length, and 23 micrometres in thickness - is the ideal choice. Used across a variety of industries, this versatile solution significantly reduces the risk of damage during transportation, ultimately enhancing efficiency within your supply chain

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