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Pallet Wrapping

In the realm of industrial logistics, pallet wrapping is an essential component for the secure and efficient transportation of goods. It plays a pivotal role in safeguarding items against damage and theft while enhancing load stability throughout the supply chain.

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Our comprehensive range of products is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Let's explore the unique features and benefits of some:

When it comes to securing heavy loads, our Hand Stretch Film in blown black is your reliable partner. This film, measuring 500mm in width, 340 meters in length, and 25 micrometres in thickness, boasts high puncture resistance and remarkable tack cling properties. It ensures your cargo remains intact during transit while also acting as a deterrent to theft with its dark colour.

Our Hand Pallet Wrap, measuring 500mm in width, 400 meters in length, and 11 micrometres in thickness, is a versatile solution for various industrial applications. It acts as a shield against dust and moisture, ensuring the quality of your products. Additionally, it enhances pallet stability, making it easier to move and stack items while minimizing the risk of damage during handling.

Our Hand Stretch Film, measuring 500mm in width, 340 meters in length, and 25 micrometres in thickness, delivers the same high-performance characteristics as its black counterpart. With superior puncture resistance and remarkable tack cling, it provides an effective solution for load stability while offering transparency.

For outdoor storage needs, our UV Stabilized Stretch Film is the perfect choice. Measuring 500mm in width, 366 meters in length, and 30 micrometres in thickness, this heavy-duty film offers protection against punctures. Its UV stabilization ensures your goods remain safe, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Discover the Future of Sustainable Packaging with our Paxum® Green Hand Pallet Wrap, measuring 500mm in width, 400 meters in length, and 12 micrometres in thickness. Crafted with innovation in mind, this innovative thin gauge stretch film features 30% post-industrial waste recycled content, offering a sustainable alternative. With ISCC+ certification, it not only reduces CO2 emissions but also provides significant cost savings per pallet wrapped.

Introducing our Paxum® Nano Machine Pallet Wrap, measuring 500mm in width, 2000 meters in length, and 15 micrometres in thickness. This groundbreaking product redefines pallet wrapping with its revolutionary thin gauge film and cost-effective approach. Advanced technology combined with remarkable load containment strength ensures safe and secure cargo transportation.

For a highly effective packaging solution, our Paxum Premium Stretch Film, with dimensions of 500mm in width, 370 meters in length, and a thickness of 23 micrometres, excels in stretchability, cling, load stability, tear and puncture resistance, and clarity. It ensures secure pallet wrapping and safe transportation of goods.

Our extra heavy-duty machine stretch film, measuring 500mm in width, 1500 meters in length, and 25 micrometres in thickness, provides secure wrapping with its black color, concealing products and deterring tampering. High tack cling properties ensure increased load stability.

Our Bundling Film, measuring 100mm in width, 625 meters in length, and 20 micrometres in thickness, acts as a mini stretch wrap system. It strongly binds your products together without sticking to them, making it quick and easy to use with a dispenser.

With dimensions of 500mm in width, 1350 meters in length, and a thickness of 23 micrometres, our Machine Stretch Film offers versatility in stabilizing and securing items during transportation. This reduces the risk of damage and enhances supply chain efficiency. Additionally, it seamlessly fits into Stretch Film Dispensers by attaching to the ends of stretch film cores.

Introducing our Paxum® Air Wrap and Ventilated Machine Stretch Film, measuring 480mm in width and 1360 meters in length. This innovative film features ventholes that facilitate air circulation, coupled with a reinforced structure for enhanced load containment. It's an ideal choice for protecting items vulnerable to ripening gases, humidity, and more.

At Gateway Packaging, our range of pallet wrapping solutions caters to your specific needs. Whether you require load security, stability enhancement, or sustainability, our products are designed to meet the demands of the modern industrial landscape. Contact us today to explore how these solutions can elevate your business's logistics and packaging efficiency.