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Paxum Pallet Wrapping Machine X5 - Standard Model - E Type Turntable

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The Paxum Pallet Wrapping Machine X5 – Standard Model – E Type Turntable is a top-quality packaging machine that has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. One of the standout features of this machine is the E Type Turntable Multi-layer function, which is engineered to ensure a reinforced wrapping process. With the capability to customize the wrapping circles and force at any desired height, the turntable wrapping machine can accommodate up to 9 layers of pallets.

The machine guarantees high-quality spare parts that ensure reliable operation, including the SIEMENS PLC for advanced control, SICK proximity switch for accurate sensing, AUTONICS photoelectric switch for reliable operation, and WEIDMULLER terminal block for secure electrical connections. Additionally, the SIEMENS Inverter and OMRON 24DC supply deliver efficient power management and reliable performance, respectively.

The film-saving pre-stretch feature of the Paxum Pallet Wrapping Machine is another impressive function of the product. With a pre-stretch rate of 300%, the machine can maximize film usage and minimize film waste. This feature is achieved by utilizing multiple rubber rolls that rotate at different speeds, effectively stretching the film to 300% of its original length, thus reducing the material needed.

The machine also boasts an automatic film cutting function that allows for secure attachment of the film to the pallet through a small hole cut by the blade. The machine then pulls and tears the film through the hole, ensuring a proper wrap and effective use of film.

Moreover, the Paxum Pallet Wrapping Machine X5 features an intelligent operation guiding system with LED indicators. The blue LED indicates readiness, the green LED during operation, and the red LED for alarms. The user-friendly touch screen guides operation and provides solutions for alarms.

The customizable wrapping type and times, photoelectric sensor for pallet height, auto reset turntable, and variable lift speed, film tension control, soft start, soft stop function, and automatic film cutting make the Paxum Pallet Wrapping Machine a must-have for any business that needs to streamline its packaging process. With low electricity consumption and high efficiency, the machine is suitable for light pallets and ensures easy operation for workers and wrappers, reducing labour costs and boosting production efficiency.

Gateway Packaging also offers a variety of pallet wrapping machines and other options for your consideration.

For more information, please contact our friendly sales team to learn how our pallet wrapping machines can streamline your packaging process today!

E Type Turntable Stretch 

Our turntable wrapping machine prioritizes forklift convenience, with E-type pallet wrapping turntables that perfectly fit the shape of forklifts. This ensures easy operation for forklift workers and wrappers, reducing labor costs and boosting production efficiency. 

Muti-layer Function 

The stretch wrapper function revolutionizes the packaging process by allowing you to customize the wrapping circles and force at any desired height. Unlike traditional wrapping machines, it overcomes limitations by enabling up to 9 layers for pallets, ensuring reinforced wrapping and eliminating issues like uniform force and continuous operation.  

Better Spare Parts 

 Advanced control with SIEMENS PLC. 

Accurate sensing with SICK proximity switch. 

Reliable operation with AUTONICS photoelectric switch. 

Secure electrical connections with WEIDMULLER terminal block. 

Efficient power management with SIEMENS Inverter. 

Reliable performance with OMRON 24DC supply.

Saving Film Consumption 

The pre-stretch feature of our turntable pallet wrapping machine allows for maximum wrapping efficiency and minimal film waste. By utilizing multiple rubber rolls that rotate at different speeds, the film is stretched to 300% of its original length, reducing the material needed. This results in maximizing the value of each meter of stretch film, using standard constant releasing film, and enabling fixed-point wrapping and quantitative film usage. 

Automatic Cut Film 

 As the Turntable Pallet Wrapper operates, its blade cuts a small hole in the film. The machine then pulls and tears the film through the hole, securely attaching it to the pallet. After completing the wrapping, the machine pauses, awaiting the next task. 

Paxum Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Intelligent operation Guiding system 

 LED indicator on X5 Turntable Stretch Wrapper: Blue for readiness, green during operation, and red for alarms. 

User-friendly touch screen: Guides operation and provides solutions for alarms. 

ModelPaxum  X5 Standard Spare Parts Brand
Feature: E Shape Turntable InverterSIEMENS
Maximum wrapping speed : 15-25 loads/hour Photoelectric sensor SICK(Germany)
Max Wrapping Height  : 2400mm/2800mm optional PLCSIEMENS(Germany)
Turntable Speed: 0-12RPM(Adjustable) Travel Switch Travel Switch
Turntable Size  : 1650mm MotorGPG(Taiwan)
Turntable Drive : 0.75PH Wheel Drive RelayOMRON(Japan)
Cut And Clamp Film: Cut And Clamp FilmReducer GPG
Machine Size : L:2700mm  W:1650mm H:2675mTouch screen SIEMENS 7inch/X-LINE
Machine Weight  : 850KGPosition switch OMRON(Japan)
Standard Pre-Stretch : 300% pre-stretch Turntable RollerDouble Nylon Roller 
Film Capacity : 250mm Diameter Up&Down Drive  Belt
Standard Film Width : 500mmUp&Down GuidewaDouble Balance Device
Max Load Weight : 800KGSpecial Process Introduction
Packing Force : ChangeableFrameSteel+ABS
pre-stretch Rate : 300% PrintingMetallic Paint
Voltage: 220V/110V/50HZ Fall-proof  Inside Safety Belt
Safety Device : HaveCuttingLaser
Alarm System : Have  
Weighing Scale : Not available  
Pallet Jack For Size : 1200*750mm   

Paxum Pallet Wrapping Machine X5 - Standard Model - E Type Turntable

CODE: 62119
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Introducing our cutting-edge Paxum Pallet Wrapping Machine - X5 Model Standard with E Type Turntable, the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable pallet wrapping. With its innovative features and robust design, this machine sets a new standard in packaging technology. Discover the key features that set our machine apart: 

  • High efficiency, low electricity consumption
  • Customizable wrapping type and times
  • Photoelectric sensor for pallet height
  • Auto reset turntable
  • 300% pre-stretch ratio
  • Programmable control, frequency converter
  • PLC control, optional manual mode
  • Adjustable wrap cycle (top, bottom, reinforcement)
  • Variable lift speed, film tension control
  • Soft start, soft stop function
  • Automatic film cutting
  • E-type turntable for easy loading

Optional Extras:

  • Ramp
  • Photocell Sensor for Black Stretch Wrap

Experience increased productivity, reduced costs, and superior packaging results with our Paxum Pallet Wrapping Machine. Maximize efficiency and protect your products with ease.

Contact us today to explore how our machine can meet your unique packaging needs.

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