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PVC Heat Shrink Film

Shrink films contract and wrap tightly around boxes or products when heated. PVC Heat Shrink Film is the most prevalent and cost-effective type of shrink film used. Heat shrink film made of PVC is easy to apply, seal, and shrink.

On a conveyor, this film can be passed through a heat or shrink tunnel. Proper ventilation is a requirement when sealing PVC Shrink Film.

PVC heat shrink film is widely used because it is lightweight, requires lower temperature for shrinking, multi-purpose and inexpensive.

As minor amounts of hydrogen chloride are generated during the shrinking process, as well as carbon deposits emitted by the sealer, PVC films cannot be directly utilised for food products and must be used in a well-ventilated environment to avoid injury.

If you use PVC heat shrink film in manufacturing or packaging, Gateway Packaging offers rolls in varying lengths and thicknesses to suit your applications. Not only does PVC heat shrink film protect products against moisture and tampering, it’s also transparent. You can check the condition of products and your customers can see them before purchase.

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