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Machine Stretch Film

Are you tired of using subpar stretch wrap film that just doesn't deliver the performance you need?

Our Machine Stretch Film is the ideal choice for you, it is designed to meet all your needs, with exceptional strength and superior adhering ability that keeps your products secure and tamper-proof. 

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Our multi-layered film is made with high-quality materials that provide superior stretchability, puncture resistance, clarity, and low noise application. With a range of thicknesses available, we have the perfect film for your needs - whether you're using automatic or semi-automatic stretch-wrapping machines.

And that's not all - we're excited to introduce our newest innovation; thin gauge stretch film! With our 9-layer cast film technology, you can achieve the lowest cost of wrapping per pallet guaranteed. Our film is specially designed to be thin and strong, resulting in up to 65% savings on normal film consumption. Plus, with our thin gauge stretch film, you'll get the same strength with less wastage, resulting in increased efficiency for your business.

Gateway Packaging offers a choice of quality machine wrap stretch film for your applications including black machine stretch film that have high tack cling properties for increased load stability and our Clear Paxum Premium machine stretch film range.

Choose extra heavy-duty black machine stretch film for secure wrapping with unbeatable strength. This stretch film has high puncture resistance, conceals objects, and protects against UV damage. Or choose Premium Paxum Machine Stretch Film for strong puncture resistance and a clear cast film with excellent cling. This machine stretch film has excellent memory and low noise application.

Machine stretch film has big advantages over hand stretch film. Automating stretch wrapping increases packing efficiency, applies stretch film more efficiently reducing film costs, and ensures better packaging and security for your products.

Opt for Gateway Packaging's high-quality machine wrap stretch film that caters to your specific requirements, whether it's black or clear film with high tack cling properties, or Paxum Premium range offering more strength and puncture resistance. Automating your stretch wrapping process will bring you increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved packaging security. Get in touch now to experience the benefits firsthand!